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Ong Namo - Belfast - Orbital vs Snatam Kaur Psymes rework

MANDALAS DRAWN ON STONES, created by the young artist Ema Zickar, are like Shining Planets that take us by surprise with their beauty, precision, color, and above all, pleasant Energy invested in these beautiful products. The Mandalas are in the geometry of STAR MANDALA or the geometry of GOD'S ORDER.

We decided to present these Mandalas to the general public because they are a product of excellent Patient precision and originate from the LIGHT or the CENTER POINT, which illustrate the Great Central Sun or GOD, THE FATHER OF ALL LIFE.

Like all our Mandalas, Ema also draws them with a free hand and without rulers and compasses. This type of work gives the product, extraordinary STRENGTH, RESPECT, and INNER BEAUTY, which creativity comes from the SOUL and HEART.

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