I Take It Smart - Boris Brejcha

Australian Opal is one of the most magical and picturesque earth Stones. The captured LIGHT is refracted at various positions and creates a three-dimensional fluorescence image of different colors, depending on the type and location where the Stone was excavated, and the quantity of Silicon layers inside the Stone.


The word Opal or "Upala" has derived from Sanskrit which means Jewel. Beautiful Opal was also known to the Romans. They were excavating it in various localities in Europe, which are now completely depleted. Today 96% of Opals come from Australia. The rest are found in the USA, Brazil, Ethiopia, Honduras, Mexico, and Canada.


Formation of Opal occurs when water from the surface washes micro Silicon Crystals beneath the ground and loads them into the cracks of well-seasoned iron ore. The water evaporates and creates Silicon deposit Crystallisation, which during long periods of time fossilizes together with iron, and creates the most beautiful natural three-dimensional Crystals. There is approx. 8 to 22% of water content inside the Opal but Silicon content, however, ranges.


Opal is a Stone of Inspiration - amplifier of imagination and creativity. It contains a higher proportion of water than most other Earth Crystals, that is why we call it the water Stone. Like water overturns and lose rocks and roots along its way, the Energy of Opal helps you to lose and overcome all obstacles in life. At the time of creativity it gives you an invaluable source of working Energy. Opal carries invisibility and self-esteem. It raises Love toward Human Spiritual Nature and increases the feeling of safety, happiness, and fullness. It brings renewal, new beginnings in a new higher form of love with new people. It's very effective when programmed for a positive dreaming. In each Opal, there is a certain color that dominates. That color strengthens the power of related Energy Centre of Consciousness.


Traditionally was used to relieve headaches, bad eyesight problems, Parkinson's disease and to regulate insulin but today it's mostly used for Spiritual Progression.


Onohej Zlatove