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Waiting Between Worlds - Zack Hemsey

Irgizite is a transformed Asteroide in which the LIGHT is much more concentrated than in other Tektites. That is why it is much stronger. Even in thin layers, there is almost no transparency. Its color is very dense yellow-green to dark orange. It works similarly to other Tektites, but its presence is much more sensitive to the individual and the environment due to the strongly concentrated LIGHT. It gives you indescribable security in the most difficult moments or situations and makes you intensely aware of what is right and good. You can quickly leave the duality and feel the UNITY of Life, as one big connected family of all living on our planet and in the whole universe. It successfully helps you to overcome emotional, mental, and other health problems. I recommend it for everyone lonely or afraid of the future; Irgizites give you courage and greater security, dispelling all types or forms of fear.

The Irgizites locality is in a remote and sparsely populated southwestern area of ​​Kazakhstan, in Aktobe province near the village of Irgiz. The asteroid fell about 900,000 years ago, creating a 2km deep Zhamanshin crater (inner circle diameter 7km, outer circle diameter 14km). The elevation today is no more than 200m. Like Darwin's Tektites, the Irgizites can be found on the crater outskirts. On our expedition in Kazakhstan, we mostly found small specimens, but fortunately, some larger ones as well. There aren't many, and they are hard to find.

Irgizites fascinate with their shape and their superb intense luster. Although black on the outside, it can look green, yellow, and orange on thin layers or edges. It strongly influences the second, third, and fourth energy centers of consciousness.

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