Waiting Between Worlds - Zack Hemsey
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Irgizite is a type of transformed Asteroide in which the LIGHT is much more concentrated than in other Tektites. This is why they are much stronger. There is almost no transparency that can be seen through a thin layer. They have a similar effect as other Tektites, but their presence reflects on the individual and the environment much stronger due to the different angles of impact and LIGHT captured. They provide indescribable safety in the most difficult times and situations, as well as an increased awareness of right and wrong. You abandon the duality with ease and feel the ONENESS of Life as one large family of all living things on our Planet and in the entire Universe. It successfully helps you to overcome emotional, mental, and other health problems. I recommend it for everyone who is lonely or afraid of the future; Irgizites give you courage and greater security, dispelling all types or forms of fear.

Stones can be found in a remote southeast area of Kazahstan near the village of Irgiz. Asteroid impact occurred approx. 900.000 years ago and created 2km deep Zhamanshin Crater (inner circle 7km diameter, outer circle 14km diameter). Like the Darwin Tektites, the Irgizites are found inside the crater. The majority of Irgizites are small but on our expedition, we were lucky to find also larger pieces. There aren't many and they are hard to find.


Irgizites fascinate with their shape and their wonderful intense luster. Although black on the outside, orange can be seen in very thin layers or at the edges. They have a strong influence on the first three Energy Centres of Consciousness (their effects are described in the Star Mandala).

Onosmil Zlatobor