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Dandelion (Tribute To A Legend) - Ivan Torrent

The Herkimer Diamond is the hardest water clear and perfectly shaped natural Crystal from the Quartz family (Quartz Diamond). It has a splendid double point hexagonal system (2 x 6 point Mandala with a central point or 2 x 7 point system), formed due to the minimal connection with the mother stone during the growth. It has a hardness of 7.5 on the Mohs scale, which places it on the top of Mountain Crystals.

Herkimer Diamond got its name after Herkimer County in New York state, where it grows inside Dolomite rocks in the expanded geological area of ​​Niagara Falls. There are also other growing areas in the Himalayan Mountain chain, under the fjords' glacial regimes in Norway, the Dolomites in Italy, and the torrential rivers of the Ukrainian Carpathians. The Herkimer Diamonds are found in all Mountain chains worldwide, but most findings include only a few specimens.

The first people closely connected with Herkimer Diamonds were the North American tribes of Mohawk. Natives used the Diamonds as amulets, tools, and currency for trading with other tribes. Sadly, after the 16th century, the Diamonds were replaced by ordinary glass ornaments brought by Europeans. The free nation of tribes gradually began to lose their Spiritual value in the new world.

Herkimer Diamonds are completely colorless or slightly smoky goldish. Their shapes differ according to the size of each plane. Symmetrically balanced Diamonds are the rarest, the most appreciated, and hold a higher value. The value also determines the purity and perfection of the upper and lower point.

Herkimer Diamonds are traditionally used to reduce physical pain and for body detoxification. When I held Diamond close to the location of pain and visualized LIGHT coming from its Center, it balanced my Energy circulation in approximately 3 minutes. Gradually the feeling of pain decreased to an almost complete minimum. Some also use Diamond to heal imbalances in RNA and DNA and treat cellular and metabolic disorders. It also prevents physical exhaustion (burnout) and strengthens the immune system.

The Herkimer Diamond is a distributor of LIGHT. According to Feng Shui, we place the Diamond on a window shelf from where it will disperse the Natural SUNLIGHT into areas that the Sun rays never reach.

Due to their high purity and two Central Points, all Seven Natural Spirits, which form the Perfect Being or the Perfect Human, circulate the surface of Herkimer Diamond.

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