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Foundation of Moldavite Association

The Age of Aquarius began around the year 1990, and over the years the power of the air element has grown rapidly, thus dictating communication development. In science and Spirituality, the use of Silicon was accelerated. The beginning of the Age of Aquarius has affected the entire Planet, and thus also me. In 1995, I first learned about the Crystals full of Silicon that fell from Space. My first Star Stones, called Moldavites, had stunningly beautiful colors and structures and worthy of respect as shining Planets that emit the Warmth of Orange Fire - Tektites.


Thank them, I had many amazing experiences. I have never collected Crystals, but I have always had at least 3 or 6 or 12 + 1 pieces of one type of transformed Asteroid as a tool, so they could be used intensely for the purpose they were sent for. With them, I made Mandalas that activated such a strong Energy of LIGHT that it could be felt by anyone who has been in its functioning. Many people who lay down in the field of the Mandala, stood up quickly, shocked, and asked me: “What is this?” In Crystal Mandala, everything is intensified, strong, and experienced. You can experience a variety of Visions, Revelations, feelings, unforgettable Dreams, etc.

Once a bio-energetic therapist with the gift of seeing auras, asked me in astonishment: “Tell me, who are you - you that shine so much?” I answered her: “I am no different to you, except I am wearing around my neck a Tektite that fell from Space and it shines so much.” Later she started using Tektites to heal and use them for protection, while around her neck she wore a Moldavite. A similar thing happened with a man who photographed my aura at the Alternative treatments Fair. On another occasion, I will describe some much more interesting events and Spiritual experiences with Star Stones and other LIGHT Visualisation of the BLESSING, talks, and benefited miracles from God, a LOVING FATHER. 

At that time, it was very hard to get Star Stones in Slovenia. The choice was poor and the quantity limited. When I came across them, I bought the majority of them for Mandalas and later for gifts. I liked to wear the Star Stones in the area of the HEART, hung on a string around my neck. I wanted to make this LIGHT, a gift from the UNIVERSE available to as many people as possible – Friends, BROTHERS, and SISTERS.


At first, I tied up the Stones with a thread, with more strings together in one shot, like the equator on the earth, and around the neck with a thicker string. Once I had a lot of luck and got a 110 gram heavy, perfectly round, and flat Tektite. I could not find a way to tie it up since the string with two-point connections was not sufficiently anchored. To tie up the Tektite firmly and safely, I had to use three-point connections. I tried, but with no success. It was either too loose or it did not look good. In my HEART and SPIRIT, I prayed to the LOVING GOOD FATHER to teach me how to tie. And he taught me, among the many other things I have asked him for. However, this was also a turning point for a very nice, high quality, practical but quite difficult binding. With this, I was able to make many people happy since they could wear a Stone around their neck tied up in a simple but very good quality and firm way.


This was all happening soon after the year 2000. Such a Stone binding is very difficult to teach to anyone because you have to be very skillful and accurate, while a string around the Stone should be very tightened so the Stone can remain safely around its owner’s neck and not get lost. In 2013, a real miracle happened. FATHER sent me a BROTHER who is very similar to me with some of the most important talents. Everything that I have been working on impressed him so much that his life turned into the NEW LIFE. I taught him, after he expressed the desire to learn, and showed him the binding of the Stones; he watched me twice very carefully and told me that he would practice at home. The next time he came to me, I was very surprised when I saw that he was able to tie them properly, and at the same time, I was also very happy to have someone besides be able to bind the Stone in this way. Later, he even improved and upgraded the binding with two details.


This miracle BROTHER of mine has literally materialized all my Real Dreams and Spiritual Goals.


This was also the basis for the formation of the praiseworthy Moldavite Association, whose main foundations are Raising Awareness and the Healing of our Planet, and the construction of the HUMAN LIGHT and CRYSTAL MANDALA. Now, my BELOVED BROTHER makes many professional and high-quality bindings of Stones almost every day. Some people ask him to bind their Stones that have stayed at home for many years because they did not know how or did not have the possibility to bind them.


In the Moldavite Association, we are very proud of this Unique Binding and happy that we can use it for the Good of all people because by wearing Star Stones around the neck, or if we have them in a Healing and Protective Mandala, each Stone connects with others and a Light network with a very strong energy Light field is creating.


The more people who wear Star Stones or create smaller Mandalas with them, the Denser and Stronger the LIGHT Network becomes, and the more these people have spread around, the greater will be the Awareness that continuously increases. This indestructible LIGHT will cover the whole of Mother Earth and there will be a leap of Consciousness for all the inhabitants of our Planet.


The LIGHT HUMAN CRYSTAL MANDALA that we are building is built with a lot of Silicon, which makes up over 70% of the human brain, and over 90% of the Star Stones. Silicon can be described as logic’s intelligence. The LIGHT MANDALA that we create Heals our Mother Earth and will become the Solution and a Sanctuary for many of the lost, burdened, and unfortunate, as well as a great balm for those who are seeking, calling or waiting for something more, for the Real, for the ETERNAL.


There is no Greater Gift for our Planet than a human, Conscious or ENLIGHTENED in the HEART, who spreads around only GOOD, while his thoughts are ONE single LIGHT. 


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