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Five Spirits - Apache

Spessartine Garnet is one of the most spectacular and powerful gems with a deep red color. Its hardness, transparency, color intensity, light reflection, and external forms are remarkable to the human eye. The majority of Garnets have a hardness of 6.5, but this specific Brazilian Garnet has a hardness of 7.5 and is denser and heavier than Rubies and Sapphires. Although it is highly rare (much rarer than the Diamond), it is reasonably priced and much more affordable. Even larger natural specimens are reasonably priced. This specific Spessartine Garnet comes from Navegador, Minas Gerais, Brazil; however, it is not mined anymore due to a mine collapse over 15 years ago. Spessartine Garnet is a Foundation Stone that every Energy Crystals enthusiast should have the opportunity to test its functioning at least once in his/her lifetime.

From the Energy point of view, it is powerful, with a red Aura expanding around it. Vibration-sensitive people may feel its densified red Energy even before they touch it. It positively influences the first Energy Center (the root Chakra), which represents Love and is the fundamental driving Energy for the entire body. Its presence in the HEART area disperses a powerful Energy and a vast desire for physical movement. It also cures and relieves diseases and inflammations.

I had my first experience with Spessartine when I got a severe feverish sinus infection before going on an expedition. Problems with sinuses are excruciating and typically last for a more extended period. Before departure, I charged and programmed a larger Spessartine piece, put it under the pillow, and slept with it for a few hours. When I woke up, my problems and pain were mostly gone, and they resolve in the next 24 hours. On another occasion, I wore this same specimen for a few days and received so much energy from it that I had to release it each day by running, exercising, cycling, or hiking in the mountains. When I feel impaired or tired, I always received an excess of energy and a strong urge for recreation.

Spessartine Garnet is particularly suitable for anemic people, individuals with a lack of will due to depression and self-confinement, or athletes who need an additional clean Natural Energy source. It cleanses the blood, the liver, spleen, lungs, heart, blood vessels, and the entire circulatory system. We highly recommended it to people who need primary motive Energy and a new Energy source to become physically stronger and enhance the Spirit's strength using this beautiful Ancient Fire of Transformation.

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