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Mind Heist: Evolution - Zack Hemsey

Philippinites are a particular type of Tektites (more about their fascinating effects can be found on the “Tektite” subpage). Their shapes and forms are simply captivating. Anda Philippinites have an appearance similar to Moldavites and a more substantial Energetic effect than other Tektites. The Energy of these Stones is released somewhat differently from the Energy of the Indochinites (Tektites). They are the best protection against all negative. We first came into contact with them through local collectors on Association’s expedition to the Philippines. On the island of Anda, we were asking the locals for a couple of days about the Stones. Locals engaged in agriculture find the Stones when they prepare their rice fields for planting after the monsoon rain washes them to the surface. Since fewer and fewer Stones are found every year, we had some difficulty finding a small collection. Anda Philippinites are rare because private collectors buy them due to their unique beauty.


Bicol Philippinites can be found in the northern part of the Philippines, where local security is laxer. They are discovered and excavated by gold diggers, who search for gold in water mines near the beach using only compressors, suction devices, or their bare hands and bags. The water mines go deep, as much as 30 meters below sea level. The gold-diggers say that they find gold where the Tektites are, which is why they always follow underground layers of Tektites. Their work is one of the most dangerous ones in the world.


Due to their typical round shape and incredible channels, Rizal Tektites are a natural wonder. They are named after a Rizal Province where the first Tektite was rediscovered in 1926 - today, the specific round disc shape Phillipinite Tektite is named Rizal Tektite or Rizalite. They are found all over the Philippines and are classified into Anda Rizal Philippinites and Bicol Rizal Philippinites.


Philippinites and Tektites originate from the same Asteroid impact approx. 890,000 years ago. The different forms were caused by the direction in which the Asteroide Silicon projectiles flew. Philippine Tektites were ejected at a high angle, almost vertically, toward outer space. At the same time, Indochinites and Australites flew at a lower angle at speeds up to 7 kilometers per second and covered huge distances.

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