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Kanaki - Giuseppe Giannotti

Approx. 816.000 years ago in ​​the northwestern part of Tasmanian Island (Australia), more precisely near Mt. Darwin (Queenstown) a Meteorite in diameter of 50m hit the Earth. The impact created 330m deep and 1.2 km wide Darwin crater (the name was given after Mt. Darwin). Over the course of time, the crater was filled with 230m of sediments so today there is only about 100m of depression. The impact strength is estimated at 20 megatons of Energy, which equals the power of 1,300 Hiroshima atomic bombs. The Meteorite hit the Earth at a speed of 20km per second, but its actual speed was reduced considerably after entering the atmosphere.


The impact created Darwin Tektites which were scattered over a huge area of 410km². According to the research measurements, estimate about 25,000 tons of Tektites was created but the vast majority are buried underground. Because of the relatively small size of the Meteorite and the normal percentage of Silica glass in the soil, this specific impact undermines existing theories on how Moldavites and other Tektites were created. It still puzzles the scientific world and at the same time is one of the best-preserved case studies for giving accurate results on the creation of all types of Tektites.


The colors of Darwin Tektites are light to dark green, brown, white, and black. The darker specimens have a greater number of unmodified micro parts of the Meteorite in their composition. The more translucent, the more they derive from the core of the impact, where the Heat and LIGHT were high enough to purify the Silicon to a higher percentage of purity.


All Meteorites traveled unimaginably large distances before they landed on our Planet, that is why they carry in themselves, like a human being, part of the Infinity or part of the Infinite Universe. In their Core, the Meteorites are celestial bodies, created as an Energetic food for the Suns and the Planets, and so Darwin's Tektites are meant to preserve and sustain the Human LIGHT, which originates from the WARMTH of the Human HEART.


Darwin Tektites were created with twisted shapes, formations, and lines, similar to the Human veins. Their look is very Aboriginal and if used in nature they drive away from the spirits of fear. Their Spiritual Energy brings accelerated resolution of karmic debts. It raises intuitive awareness and at the same time it grounds, but all this is dependent on the individual's level of Consciousness and the Power of SPIRIT.


Dispersed on the people's HEARTS they create a very powerful LIGHT grid which with its Highest LIGHT and Purest LOVE will significantly mark the course of the biggest events in the future, not only on Earth but in the entire INFINITE UNIVERSE.

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