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Many different renowned authors and spiritual people fundamentally AGREE that MOLDAVITE is the Strongest Stone on our Planet that gives Psychic abilities, increases Intuition, strengthens Dreams, and drives you towards your Soul mate. It is the Strongest Energetic Stone on Earth for Spiritual Transformation. MOLDAVITE as Stone of LOVE fundamentally changes Life which once again gains Sense and Objective, and most importantly, it connects you back with your Heart.

Jakob Lorber

Gottfried Mayerhoffer

Onosmil Zlatobor

Brenda Rosen
Margaret Ann Lembo
Eric Pearl

Tadej Pretner
Marilyn Ferguson
Katrina Raphaell
Judy Hall
Robert Simmons

Stas Praznik
Kathy Warner
Rachelle Charman
Valerie Barrow
Hazel Raven
Doreen Virtue
Jon Whale
Judith Lukomski
Scott Cunningham
Elke Lopes
Michael Gienger
Jean Houston
Naisha Ahsian
Gregory Branson-Trent
Robert Sardello
Sue Lilly
Philip Permutt
Katrina Raphaell

Floating Retention - Cell
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