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A representative of purity, Lilies have been used in ceremonies since ancient times. In Ancient Greece, the bride in wedding ceremonies would wear a crown of lilies and wheat symbolizing purity and abundance.

White Lily Absolute oil has a long-standing, deeply-rooted place in spiritual exploration. It is particularly renowned for its power to elicit lucid dreaming and dream recall. The effects can be invoked simply by inhaling from the bottle several times, holding each breath in. This may lead to deep lucid dreaming states or powerful meditative experiences. As with the other absolute oils we offer, white lily absolute oil can also be diffused or added to a carrier oil, although the scent is not quite as powerful as the blue lily absolute oil.  White lily absolute oil is particularly effective when combined with other herbs that induce dreaming.

The oil extracted from Lilies, Lily Absolute, has healing and softening properties. Especially, when the Lily Organic Essential Oil is mixed with that of calendula, it works wonderfully for sensitive skin. Lily oil with Calendula can be used for massage, in a bath, after a bath, and hot-oil treatment. The Absolute oil of the Lily flower is used in aromatherapy to treat individuals suffering from depression as it tends to help in creating a feeling of modesty, happiness, and a sense of security.

Absolutes have a more pungent scent than essential oils and are similar to a plant's scent in nature. Absolutes contain the plant's etheric oil and other vital components, so they are more evolved in composition and smell. Also, they are denser than essential oils and have a more intense color.

The White Lily Absolute extraction method is with carbon dioxide. This method provides complete extract, which is also suitable for aromatherapy. This method of extracting oil is one of the highest quality. Our Absolute oils are made in controlled, sterilized environments, and leave no residue behind. This method ensures that these highly concentrated extracts are safe for the Mind, body, and SPIRIT.

When used or mixed in products, we advise caution when dosing, as it is a pure concentrate with a highly intense smell. Dilute 0.5 - 2% of the oil in massage oil, mixed in water for the evaporator, for potpourri, as a perfume, 3 - 5 drops for a bath. E.g. it is recommended to add only two drops of Absolute in 100g of base oil for aromatherapy or different types of ointments. Add only enough to achieve the desired scent (e.g., ten drops of essential oil for the same intensity at the same amount). To make a simple perfume, take 10ml of Jojoba oil and add two drops of Blue Lotus Absolute. Pure extract on the skin is used only in a microdose.

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