Sun Gate lead you on the path of Love and Wisdom. He who discovers in himself these two
beautifull pearls is able to learn the secret order of the entire Universe, from the
smallest laws and all the way to the Prelight of Eternal Fire,
which empowers all Universal Infinity.

Onosmil Zlatobor


»Prayer and Suffering to Avert the Ultimate Sin«

JESUS: »Not long ago I told your to help Me to save those guilty of the ultimate sin. But you did not understand what I meant. You have prayed.
This is enough for Me, since, in Truth, it is necessary only for Me to understand everything. But for you, My sons and daughters, absolute revelation is not necessary.
All I tell you is a Gift you are not entitled to, a spontaneous gift of the FATHER to his dearest ones, for it is dear to my HEART to tell you things in confidence, to take you by the hand and introduce you into the secret of the King. But you must not demand it. It is very Beautiful to be the confidants of a GOD, but it is also Very Beautiful and Holy to be little children, entirely and blindly abandoning themselves to the FATHER, who acts on his own, and the children let themselves be led, without wanting to know where the FATHER is leading them.
Be sure, O children. I guide you along ways of Goodness. Your FATHER wants only your Good.
Both confidants and the confident are needed for the joy of my HEART, and it is, moreover, supreme perfection to be “confidants/confident.” Then you are disciples, now capable of acting in the name of the Master, and children letting themselves be led by the FATHER are then MY Comfort and MY Gladness.
In a world like yours it is so hard for Me to find disciple souls! And it is even harder to find, even in children, childlike souls! The breath of the Beast has corrupted you so much that it has slain the Simplicity, Trust, and Innocence in which I found rest, even in the souls of children.
I am not only your Master − I am your Physician, and a Physician not only of the Spirit, but also of your flesh.
You have prayed, offered, and suffered according to MY Desire to impede the commission of the ultimate sin. And you have succeeded, though you thought one thing and in reality “the ultimate sin” was something else. I had inspired in the best souls many desires to pray and suffer for this end because there was a need for very, very great effort to overcome the danger. And there is still a need for very, very great effort to bring the matter to a close without forms of degeneration worse than the first evil.
A great evil has been prevented. I have had Mercy on you, the people having Christian Rome as your heart. However, now more than ever it is necessary to pray and suffer greatly, and have others pray, and suffer, if possible − but that is more difficult, for there are very few heroes in suffering − so that the “great evil” overcome will not sprout up, like a malignant plant, into a thousand small evils which would eventually form an accursed forest where you would all perish with unimaginable horror.
I have had mercy on you. But woe to you if you, O my people, should respond to this mercy wrested from Justice, through the entreaty of the prayers by Me, the Protectors, and the victims, with actions causing you to forfeit MY GRACE. Woe to you if the single great “self-idolatry” should be succeeded by the small, numerous forms of “self-idolatry”!
God is One alone, and I am God, and there is no other God apart from Me. This should be remembered. God is patient, but, in his infinite patience, He is not blameworthy towards Himself. And He would be blameworthy if He pushed his patience in not intervening to say, “Enough,” to the point of indifference regarding respect for Himself.
Because of a fallen idol do not raise up many little idols, all adorned with the same Satanic signs of lust, haughtiness, deceit, overbearance, and the like.
If you are good, I will save you to the very depths. promise you, and it is the promise of a God. And, in my Intelligence, for which nothing is hidden − even the most secret of crimes, even the most insignificant of human acts − I do not require a whole people to be perfect. I know that if I were to reward you when you had all reached Goodness, I would never reward you, but it is my intention that, if it is inevitable that someone should sin, the mass should be such as to impose on its Leaders a conduct worthy of my reward. For − always remember this − the Leaders commit Sins, but it is the mass which, by its lesser sins, brings the Leaders to the great Sin.

Maria Valtorta: The Antichrist and his Predecessors (page: 180 - 184) 

In these publications, it is HE who SPEAKS to us - who is ALL, the ONLY Merciful and Good
​Loving FATHER, and there is no other FATHER or CORE around which all the existing
infinite Creation orbits, and we are His First Loving CHILDREN, who have been
redeemed from the Centre of the FATHER’S HEART by the Eternal
MERCIFUL LOVE, with severe pains and blood on the cross,
and is patiently waiting for us with all the WARMTH
OF THE HEART, in its Luminous Eternal

Onosmil Zlatobor