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the smallest laws all the way to the Prelight of Eternal Fire,
which empowers all Universal Infinity.

Onosmil Zlatobor


»The beautiful Riparian landscapes. The North Stream.
The Evening Stream. The Midday Stream.

1. JESUS: »If you want to properly imagine such a stream, then imagine a vast, calm water surface, which expands to the ocean in a straight line immeasurably far for your eyes. In addition, imagine that this stream flows through a vast plain which is occasionally interrupted by regular formations of mountains that are already known to us. Add to this the greatest, most abundant fruitfulness of these riparian regions, and imagine that between the mountains grow entire avenues of pyramid trees, and beautiful gardens with mirror tree avenues, and a vast forest along the embankments of these streams, with funnel trees and all other kinds of luxurious trees, shrubs, plants, herbs, and grasses. Imagine the extremely peculiar population of animals and all the large, extremely diverse, and magnificent waterfowl which often fly about in a bevy in all directions above the vast surface of such streams, all of which are subject to the will of the Saturnites. Among the families, especially those which live on these river banks, you will also quite often find heavenly visitors such as angels and, once in a while, you will even find Me.

2. If you put this all together, you will have an approximate idea of the splendor of such a riparian region. As aforementioned, special attention should be paid to the stream that flows towards the morning with its spacious banks. But do not get the idea, especially as far as the vegetation is concerned, that everything grows in great disarray; on the contrary, everything grows in a perfectly planned order. Not only has everything been done for animalistic needs by so-called casual vegetation, but I have taken the greatest care in as far as the most orderly adornment is concerned. You must come to this conclusion from the description of the plants and the entire vegetation.

3. The remaining three streams are structured in the same manner as the Morning Stream, but they do not have the width, nor are they as densely populated. Nevertheless, their splendor is not proportionately less than that of the Morning Stream.

4. The stream that flows towards the north is, along its banks, what you on earth would term "romantic," because the valley through which it flows is often confined by mountains, and on the sides of these mountains you will notice countless sky-high, dazzling white rock towers which are often adorned by the healing plant known as Hellatharianga or the “thousand-leaf
gold shrub” described earlier. This region is the best area for this plant, even though it can be found elsewhere as well, but not as plentifully.

5. Imagine the same lively banks at the North Stream as at the Morning Stream, with all the same things, save for one exception: the pyramid tree does not grow well on rocky ground. Now you have a complete picture of this stream and its banks.

6. The Evening Stream, the stream that flows towards the west, is famous because of its many harmoniously singing birds. If it were possible for you to spend an evening there, you would be spoiled by a concert like this to such a degree that the music on earth, even if it were by one of your great composers, such as Handel, played by the most magnificent Philharmonic Orchestra, would be nothing more than the croaking of frogs in a puddle by comparison.

7. Behold, consequently on Saturn I am the music teacher for the birds! You may rest assured that even your best vocalists if they could hear such a feathered singer of this planet only once, would not dare to sing another note for the rest of their lives. (N.B.: Music is a very popular form of enjoyment for the Saturnites; the only thing is that they do not have any musical instruments. Instead, they are excellent singers, and they praise and thank Me with that talent during their divine services. All of this will be described when we discuss the actual Saturnites and their relationships and circumstances.)

8. The stream that flows towards the south, the Midday Stream, is famous for the luster of its water. The surface of the water glimmers steadily, especially during the day, just like large, beautiful, well-cut diamonds on earth; the reason for this is that this water is of a particular purity, especially on the surface. Although all water on Saturn is purer than the purest springs on earth, the water of this stream is so clear that you can see any object even at the greatest depth as if you would see it in normal daylight; that is why the surface glimmers so beautifully, especially when there is a small movement of waves. You have no idea of the splendor - a rainbow on earth would be a very simple thing when compared to this spectacle.

9. However, as far as the population on the banks of this stream is concerned, it is, without doubt, the poorest. The reason for this is that the vegetation does not grow as well because of the hard water. Even though the water is extremely clean, it is harder than the water of all the other streams. Since this applies to earth, it applies to Saturn as well; the cleaner and colder a spring bring water to the surface, the harder and less fruitful is the water. This fact should not lead you to the conclusion that the banks of this stream are desolate; rather they are considerably more luxuriant than the most fruitful on earth, though not on the same level as the others on this planet, especially those of the Morning Stream.

10. Now we have viewed the four main streams from the central mountain. But these are not the only regions that are inhabited or populated. The mountains as well as all the banks of the remaining rivers are not less inhabited. These other rivers flow in part through various turns and meander to the ocean, but they mostly enter into the aforementioned main streams and other tributaries.

11. What remains now is a description of the many large inland lakes, their usefulness, their splendor, and the habitableness of their vastly expanded level shores. This will be explained at the next opportunity. For today, Amen!«

Jakob Lorber: SATURN (page: 63 - 66)

In these publications, it is HE who SPEAKS to us - who is ALL, the ONLY Merciful and Good
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