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Colombian Emerald is one of the most beautiful green colored Crystal on our Planet. Excavated by the Muiscas and Aztecs who used it for jewellery (today it is mostly used for it's Spiritual purposes), highly desirable by all civilizations and cultures but it's mystical location in the Colombian Mountains gives it that special feature, which stirs up Spirits and wives people to seek it for thousands of years, despite all dangers they have to face.

Emerald is the Stone of Hearth, by which we mean universal love and forgiveness and not partnership love. It's a very powerful tool that carries hope, compassion and harmony of all living beings. It heals body with its green aura and brings vitality to the Spirit. Emerald is the Stone of inspiration and endless patience, the master of oneness and unconditional love.

For thousands of years Emerald has been the Central Stone of all cultures and civilisations. It was highly appreciated for its power and beauty. For Inkas and the Caledonians the Emerald was more valuable than Diamond. It was a symbol of Eternal life for the Egyptians. Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Cleopatra and Charlemagne and many more wore them as a talismans.

Emerald has a strong effect on the Fourth Energy Centre (HEART chakra). It opens HEART, intensifies intuition and stimulates psychic abilities. Emerald helps you to see unseen, so further actions are accompanied by reason and Wisdom. It strengthens memory and purifies the taught. It’s an aphrodisiac that lifts the Energy level and affects all Energy Centres of Consciusness. If worn in the HEART area it brings emotional balance into your life.

With Emerald we heal all problems connected with HEART, lungs, spine and muscles. It helps to recover from the inflectional diseases, eases problems with diabetes, rheumatism and sinuses. Emerald has proven to have purifying effect on the liver and the eye sight. It has been used for curing multiple sclerosis and epilepsy since the time of Aristotle.

Onohej Zlatove