Days In Tangier - Karim Azedia
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About 27.5 million years ago, in the Great Sand sea desert, there was an impact of huge Asteroid. The impact created Libyan Gold Tektites. Libyan Gold Tektite or Libyan Desert Glass (old naming) is a molten impact Silicon projectile rock - Tektite. The colour is foggy white, sometimes greenish or beautiful yellow to Golden yellow (it depends on the purity of Silicon and other included elements). Quality specimens (highly purified Silicon) capture the LIGHT on the inside in Gold or Golden White. The outer texture is gently smooth (polished by sand and wind) with occasional small holes and depressions, sometimes resembling the lunar surface. It is the purest form of Tektite, with the highest Silicon percentage (98%). It's origin (there are speculations but the actual crater was never found), highest purity and the 120 km long and 20 km wide strawnfield make's it one of the greatest mysteries of today's science.

This Star Stone was created out of Highest LIGHT (Asteroid impact) and influences mainly on the third and fourth Energy Center of Consciousness. Egyptian pharaohs or their priests wore the Stones in the HEART region because their vibration is compliant with these two Energy Centers. In Tutankhamen's (1332–1323 BC) royal necklace it is the Central Stone carved in scarab and the most beautiful, shiny and clear of all precious Stones found in his royal collection (in the oldest found jewellery on Earth we can see that Earth Minerals are loosing their natural beauty in the course of time; once taken out of the earth they are slowly dying - which is not the case of impact made Tektites). Recently there was a new discovery that the eyes of queen Nefertiti's very famous statue (1370 - 1330 BC) were also made out of Libyan Gold Tektite.

It works similarly as Tektite, but mostly on the third Energy Center or plexus solaris. It increases your will to do Good and relaxes your mind. It's vibration brings abundance and prosperity. It also has effect on the first and second Energy Center of Consciousness and it is a good Healing Stone for abdominal problems. The Stones carry forgiveness of karmic debts from past lives. If worn for a longer period it raises the Consciousness. Like the Star Stone Tektite it works protectively, a field of protection is created around them and they prevent lower energies to steal your will to do Good.

With Libyan Gold Tektite we try to do Good to all the people and the whole Planet equally. We should nullify ourselves, our personality and always attribute all the bad deeds to ourselves and all the Good deeds to the CREATOR who is the SOURCE of all LIFE and the CENTER of UNIVERSE. With the help of this amazing Star Stone such path helps Etheric Energy or SPIRIT to work thru your HEART in the Highest possible way and the burden of Life is slowly taken away from the shoulders.



Onohej Zlatove