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Earthsong - Karunesh

Etheric resins of Sacra Hojari white, yellow, and Royal Green are three of the best quality Boswellia resins in the world. The trees are successfully growing in the coastal mountainous part of Dhofar, which is the largest governorate located in the southern part of Oman.
Today and especially in the past, Dhofar was the most important source of the highest quality natural incense in the world. Some of the oldest Arab tribes are inhabiting this area speaking many different Semitic South Arabian languages. The subtropical climate allows the mountainous area to be fully green during the 2 month period of the monsoon. Sacra trees recover during the rains and therefore are able to produce one of the highest quality Boswellia resin in the world - yellow and white - greenish Royal Hojari (grows in the Sultanate of Hogar). The intensity of the colors depends on the rain, climate, time period, and quality of the harvest.

Sacra also grows in Yemen and Somalia but can not be compared to the one growing in Hogar in terms of purity and richness of smell.
The Hojari has a very sweet and pleasant smell due to favorable climatic conditions and sufficient rainfall. Etheric resin is distinguished also by its high purity because it does not accumulate as much dust as on trees growing in other parts of the world.
We are very pleased to offer this rare and high-quality Etheric resin to the supporters of the Moldavite Association.

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