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A Frisbee is a disc-shaped gliding toy or sporting item that is generally plastic and roughly 20 to 25 centimeters (8 to 10 inch) in diameter with a lip, used recreationally and competitively for throwing and catching. Lift is generated in the same way as a traditional airfoil, that is, by deflecting air downward. Fred Morrison invented the modern-day flying disc in 1938 when he and his future wife, Lucile, were tossing cake pan back and forth on a beach in Santa Monica, California. The first-term for a Frisbee was »Whirlo-Way«, which was later changed to »Flying-Saucer« until 1957 when it got its original name »Frisbee«. 

Frisbees are thrown and caught for free-form (freestyle), recreation, and as part of many Frisbee games. A wide range of Frisbee's variants is available commercially. Disc golf is usually smaller but denser and tailored for particular flight profiles to increase/decrease stability and distance. The longest recorded Golf disc throw is by Simon Lizotte with a distance of 263.2 meters. Dog Frisbee sports use relatively slow flying Frisbees made of more pliable material to better resist a dog's bite and prevent injury to the dog. Flying rings are also available; they typically travel significantly farther than any traditional Frisbee. There are also illuminated discs meant for nighttime play; they are made of a phosphorescent plastic or contain battery-powered light-emitting diodes.

Playing with Frisbee is similar to passing, receiving, and returning energy. In Moldavite Association we have one of the best Frisbees and Golf discs from Innova and Hero USA.  

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