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Etheric resin of Boswellia tree is one of the most respected incenses of old civilizations and all modern spirital beliefs. The general name for Boswellia tree resin is Frankincense or Hebrew Olibanum or Arab Al-Luban. The resin is collected from several species of Burseraceae trees, which grow in East Central Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and India. Boswellia trees grow in the most severe desert conditions and occasionally we can see how a tree with all its roots is growing from one rock.

Resin of Boswellia tree is a highly honored ritual incense and has been used for more than 5000 years in nearly all religions and spiritual beliefs of the old and new world. In the past it had the same or even higher value than gold and trading was always in combination with gemstones, rare spices and precious metals. The first Hebrew scriptures mention this incense as one of the most sacred in the time of the first and second Jerusalem Temple; we can assume, according to the Egyptian hieroglyphs, that in Egypt was in use long before that. Today it is used in majoriti of important temple rituals in Christian, Muslim and other religions. It gained great importance in the last 2000 years (the age of Pisces) as one of three consecrated gifts to the JESUS uppon his birth.

The smell of high quality Boswellia tree resin is simply Divine. Her smell is a mixture of lemon, vanilla and young spruce; the quality of the resin is influenced by a type of the tree and the growing area. Quality is also influenced by the weather conditions and the harvesting season.

Boswellia resins are used in traditional medicine in Africa and Asia. The finest types of resins are edible, especially certain quality types taste sweet. They are used for digestion and healty skin. The most healing are reisins which dissolve completely in olive oil. In Ayurvedic medicine it is used for arthritis treatment, stopping bleeding wounds, disinfection of cut wounds, strengthening the female hormone system and purifying the air.
A number of new studies in medical researh have confirmed that the smell of Boswellia resin works psycho-active and it has a strong calming effect. Other studies concluded that the patients who recieved daily dose of Boswellia extract showed significant improvement in their arthritis condition in as little as seven days. The study from 2009 confirms that it stops the development of cancer cells on patients with this type of disease.

There are several type of Boswellia trees with different grades of resin - depending on the harvest area and many other conditions. We only offer the highest quality grade resins, which are harder to obtain and have a higher value ​​due to their rarity, much better efficiency and incomparable scent effect.

For burning incenses we recommend the use of adjustable burners with tea candles which are easy to use and to regulate the amount and strenght of incense smell.