Darkest Night - Tony Anderson ft. James Everingham

Bilitonite is a Tektite from Belitung Island, Indonesia. The Stones were created together with other Tektites in one of the biggest events approx. 790,000 years ago when the massive Asteroid collided with the earth - it is speculated that the crater is located somewhere in the Gulf of Tonkin in the South China Sea. Bilitonite is the most prized Tektite, as it is one of the rarest, and above all, the most beautiful, luminous, and purest Tektite discovered so far in the Australasian strewnfield. Its rarity is remarkable as all newly discovered Bilitonites are mostly bought by private collectors at the site. They are highly regarded by the locals of Belitung and have become the island's protective sign and most recognizable landmark. The Belitung people have built the largest Tektite statue in the world which has become an icon of the island. Bilitonites are rarely and randomly found in the tin, and silica mines. Most of these mines don't have an operating license permit and operate illegally, as this is the sole source of livelihood for most of the local people. UNESCO law protection is being drafted which has the intention of completely banning mining on the island. Mining on Belitung goes back thousands of years, way back to the great Chinese dynasties, who were the first ones to mine and discover these amazing Stones. Sometimes five Stones are found in one day and sometimes non in several months. Not all excavated Stones come in high quality, so the most Beautiful Bilitonites are also the most prised ones.


It's an exquisite dark glossy luminous Stone with deep channel lines that reminiscent of an ancient Arabic script and the more such a painting matches the cultural significance the more the Stones are magical. The channels result from a long-term water etching process.


Indonesian people believe that Bilitonites protect them from hypnosis, black magic, demons, that is why healers use them in therapies, and if anyone gets sick, they drink water with Bilitonites. The Stones were named after the island of Belitung in 1921 by the Dutch geologist and explorer Ir. N. Wing Easton from the University of Amsterdam. Indonesia used to be a Dutch colony.

Tektite has tremendous power, especially when you believe in it. I know an older woman who almost lost her legs because she was sleeping on an earth radiation belt. Her grandson and my Good Friend bought her a protective magnetic liner, and placed 2 larger Tektites, one under her feet and one below her pillow, and said: "Mother, these Stones will restore your health and you will live a long life." That was 20 years ago, today she is 98 years old and very intelligent. A few days ago, I was invited to her house for lunch which she had prepared completely by herself, and I couldn't help but wonder at her youthful appearance and clear-minded thinking.

The Stones affect the lower three Energy Centers of Consciousness, as do all other Tektites from the Australasian strewnfield. Their color is orange, which exemplifies the Wisdom by which you can distinguish the Good from the bad more consciously. They are the best accessory for the realization of Oneness. The dominant element of Stone is Silicon Dioxide (Intelligence of Logic), without which computers today would not work at all and we couldn't call them smart computers. They also prevent all space, terrestrial, aquatic, and electromagnetic radiation, but only when used properly, with regular water purification, clear visualization, and the use of words with emphasis on childlike simplicity. It is also very good for learning, for working projects, courts, meetings, and all serious situations. With the help of Tektite, you can distinguish faster between Light and darkness and it helps you to decide easier for a bright and positive path. It gives you a sense of power and great security.

Onohej Zlatove, Onosmil Zlatobor