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The Etheric Resin of Guggul has been India, Nepal, and Tibet's most crucial incense and medicinal resin for thousands of years (from the time of Buddha). It occupies the first place in Ayurvedic medicine and is used extensively in Chinese traditional medicine. Guggul Resin comes from the Commiphora thorn bush. Its botanical names are Wightii and Mukul. It is distinguished from the typical Myrrh bush by its small round berries and widespread growth area in Northern India. You can also find it on a smaller scale in Nepal and Pakistan and rare regions of North Africa.

The Etheric Resin of Guggul is the central incense of all Buddhist and Hindu temples worldwide. It is the main ingredient and smell of the finest incense sticks, and that's why all Indian spiritual shops carry the fragrance of its flavor. It was known to the Hebrews, Romans, and Ancient Greeks. The oldest Western records come from Alexander the Great.
Guggul's sweet smell and beautifully delicate aroma create a pleasant and homely atmosphere. In combination with its potent healing properties, it's also trendy in the West for thousands of years. It drives away evil spirits within a human. Therefore, it is recommended for anyone who is overly competitive or under a lot of stress.
The most crucial ingredient in Guggul is the Guggulsteron steroid, which has a large set of antiseptic medicinal healing properties. During the healing and cleansing of the body, Guggul (and other Etheric Resin) appears as one of the most effective natural antiseptic dietary supplements. We use it daily in small quantities for general cleaning of the body and especially for cleaning the digestive tract (a piece of the resin is put into the mouth and is chewed or swallowed with water).

Etheric Resin of Guggul is a miraculous gift of the Northern Indian bush, which rewards you with a sophisticated sweet, wonderful smell and enjoyment of excellent healing effects.

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