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Disc Golf is a game that developed from classic Frisbee and Golf. It combines the aerodynamic properties of the first and the rules of the second. It is essentially a sport and a recreational game that requires great precision and a gift for throwing. The aim of the game is to get the best score with the lowest number of throws per round.

Disc Golf originates from Canada and its first records go back to 1926 when a group of students threw tin plates onto set targets. Later, around 1960, tournaments were established. Today, Disc Golf is played in more than 40 countries worldwide with more than 80,000 professional players registered. Each year, the smaller tournaments end with a big World Cup.

The Discs look very similar to a Frisbee but are not meant to be thrown to other players. They are smaller, heavier, faster, while the design of their shape ensures less friction for long and precise flight. The player’s sense of accuracy and orientation for long-distance throwing improves greatly. These discs are designed for players of all ages. You can organize practice grounds at home, or go to existing free outdoor playgrounds.

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