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A Mandala is in fact a Circle, and everything that is round or a Circle with the midpoint is Mandala. Mandala emitters LIGHT, colors, and shapes from the Centre to the outside. The more the structure is in the correct balance, from top to bottom, from right to left, the more we see perfection.


A mandala can be seen anywhere. We can see it in a Universe as a Galaxy that orbits around its Central Sun or even in the Infinite Space orbiting around its Large Core which indefinitely and continuously supplies everything with WARMTH and LIGHT. It can be seen in nature as a beautiful flower or Sun with its rays of Sunlight, also the human eye is a Mandala, etc.


A very beautiful Mandala can be created by the human hand if the person is mentally clean and associated with HEART energy. So were created Mandalas from Tibetans and other heartful people from the east. We find them everywhere, even in Christianity and all other religions.


In Slovenia and all around the planet there are people whose HEARTS draw Mandalas, which reflect and spread beautiful energy. Mandala influence very positively on human and his soul.


If we look at a variety of paintings, they always present things that remind or associate your mind with something - they evoke memories or events. By looking at them your mind becomes busy. For example, we look at the picture with a house, a beautiful meadow, birds, cows, sunny weather, etc. All of the above reminds you of something. A cow can remind you of milk products, a house can summon memories of future plans – by looking at the picture you just cannot keep your concentration and what is worst, it deadens your senses. You don't see birds how they fly, nor can you hear them sing, you don't smell the flowers or feel the warmth of the sun, etc. But when you look at the Mandala it doesn't remind you of anything. All that you see is something perfect, beautiful, and relaxing for your eyes and your mind – you simply see complete ORDER with a beginning or a goal in the Centre. Eyes relax, the mind calms, in your thoughts arise ORDER, balance, and harmony. All of this has an influence on your further concentration, decision-making, how you feel, and your following actions.


The most positive pictures and paintings besides Mandalas are the ones with high Mountains, surrounded by snow, perhaps with morning Sunlight. There is the most beautiful energy created by very Positive Spirits from higher areas. Whenever you go to the Mountains there is an ORDER in your thoughts, your mind slows down, HEART laughs and you feel joy and happiness. You feel Positive Energy for a longer period also when you return home from the Mountains. Similar feelings are created when you look at the Stars on a clear night sky – Galactic Centre Points or the Suns and around them orbiting Planets that we can not see. Mandala also produces such feelings and effects, when it is made with HEART Energy and positioned in the right place.


Each Mandala expands its own energy. Some are healing, others build up the energy or give you the power of Love, some give you the power to forgive, again others put you back in balance, etc.


Just by a look, it warms you, clears you up, makes you happy. It is the best positive accessory when hung in homes, offices, places that require concentration, or schools. In hospitals Mandala would be very welcome; in short, in any place where it can come into contact with many people. For example: if an extremely hostile person comes to you, he will begin to change just after one look at the Mandala. When he goes away he'll be friendly and happy. Of course, it depends on the strength, purity, and perfection of the Mandala.


Each Mandala consists of a Central Point and shapes that spread around in the form of a Star. Masters from the east make 8 point stars and an outer shape of 16 or even 64 point stars, etc. Mandalas can also be made by a different structure, such as 6, 12, 24, or 48 points, and together with the Central point, they may present altogether 49 points. Example: human has 7 chakras, or 7 Energy Centers and each combines the properties of the other 6, so the total sum of 7 x 7 is 49 or a Central Point plus a 48 point star – like a circle orbiting its Core. All Seven Centers differ in their purpose and colors:


  1. The First Centre, which is the lowest is red (Love) – it is the basic Energy and WARMTH. This is the driving Energy for the whole body.

  2. The Second Centre is orange (Wisdom). It is the LIGHT that comes out of the First Centre – like Wisdom is born out of Love or LIGHT is born out of the heat and not vice versa. This Centre gives you insight into what is right and what is wrong, between good and evil, between LIGHT and darkness. It also helps to relieve you from bodily passions, such as physical love or sexual instinct, etc.

  3. The Third Centre is yellow (Will) - plexus Solaris. It is the Centre where evil energy most strongly influences to take away your ability to do good, to do the right things. The most effective protection for this Centre is Star Stone Tektite.

  4. The Fourth Centre is green (ORDER) - HEART. Green as the fourth in a row is also found in the rainbow, which is composed of seven colors, and also in the rainbow, green is in the middle or fourth in a row. Number 7 is composed out of the number 1 and number 3 on each side. From number 7 we get a 6 point star with Center Point in the middle. If we don't have Central Point which regulates all, we don't have ORDER, and where there is no ORDER, there is chaos. Also, a human who works, thinks, falls in love and if he isn't doing it from his Central Point which is HEART, his life is one big lie. He will have plenty of failures and disappointments.

  5. The second half of the triangle starts with the Fifth Centre which is blue (Severity). This is the Centre for throat, mouth, and speech. With words, you can bless, heal, or hurt. Only when you start something with Severity you will succeed and also your neighbor will find it easier to trust you and ask you for your help if your lips radiate Severity, goodness, etc. The expression on your lips tells a lot.

  6. The Sixth Center is indigo blue (Patience) and it is between the eyebrows. For humans, it is of great importance, because only with a very great deal of Patience can you achieve maximum goals, such as upbringing, partnership, carrying out various jobs. How patient must be our CREATOR when he watches how we destroy ourselves, our families, and the entire Planet. This Centre is also known as clairvoyance or the third eye.

  7. The Seventh, the highest Centre is purple (God's Compassion) and has so much value as the Central Point or HEART. God's Compassion is something entirely else than human compassion. It's much more than words can describe. We have the greatest example of the most perfect man who ever came to our planet and who out of his great Compassion for us all took on himself so much pain to the extreme limit of human capabilities. He conquered death and spiritualized his body for all Eternity. He showed us the path that we can all walk, of course in the easier way, to become perfect and to make our bodies immortal.


We also have 7 days in a week (Wednesday is in the middle), 7 basic tones, etc. In Mandala, 12 months, 12 celestial signs, 12 apostles with JESUS as a Centre Point are of strong importance.


Our solar system is currently located in the Photon Belt which we are crossing after 12 cycles into a circle again. This path is called Zodiac, which is divided into 12 signs. In Photon Belt, the velocity of Stars around the Central Sun is greatly increased: that is why we have the feeling that time flies fast. One universal sign lasts little more than 2,100 years, so the whole path of the Galaxy around the precentral sun lasts a little less than 26,000 years.


These 12 signs have names, and so from 1990, we went out of the Age of Pisces (water that is condensed air) into the age of Aquarius which depicts the air. You can see how big changes began to happen in the Age of Aquarius. Cell phones, computers, bioenergetics, fortunetellers, more and more people began looking for something else, many are beginning to be spiritual, others began to read spiritual literature, handling crystals, many denounce coarse food such as meat, etc.


If we look at a man and a woman together that have one HEART, we get two 6 point stars or one 12 point star with a common Centre Point or Core which is ORDER or one HEART of them both. One HEART is the perfect bond a pure love of two kindred souls of the opposite or the same gender. This may also apply to two or more men and two or more women (of course, without physical love, only in Spirit).


We take, for example, two complete pairs of related souls, we get a 24 point star with the common Centre, etc. Number 24 is also present around Central Sun and everything that exists (in the middle is the Almighty and All-Seeing God and 24 elders around him). Where there is pure love for God and Heartfulness as the Centre of us all, there are no boundaries and obstacles, there are only great harmony and infinite happiness.


CREATOR and FATHER OF ALL INFINITY, which is the Centre of Everything says, "Where there are two or three (or more) in my name, am I, the CREATOR, pure Love and LIGHT of Wisdom, between you in the middle."


It is also good to know that human is an image of God and he is a miniature of the Large Universe, which consists of the same important numbers. That's why Mandalas with this structure are the most complete and also the most powerful. The more someone takes effort and draws from his HEART (bad thoughts are only in your head) and Love for all living around him, the more Mandala is beautiful and strong.


Negative people are unable to draw Mandalas and can not succeed in them because they lack Patience, their thoughts are employed by problems and worries, anger, and the like.


Some Heartful people go even further and draw Mandala without any measuring devices (ruler and compass). This also requires a lot of drawing and painting time, at least 50 or 100, or much more patient hours of work.


A very soothing and effective Mandala is on the ceiling. I drew 3 meters large Mandala for one year on a ceiling for an acquaintance and her life has radically changed. She said that whenever she wakes up she first sees the Mandala, which makes her happy throughout the day and everything works for her. First-morning thoughts influence the further course of the day. Hence the old proverb: "You know the day after the morning" or "I got up on the wrong foot." She got a steady job, bought her first car, met her first serious man, they now have a few children and a happy family. The last time I saw them was while I was hiking. They enjoyed themselves on top of a snowy mountain.


Mandala created on a paper in combination with Mandala of earth crystals or Star Stones offers the best assistance and LIGHT Energy to rise to the highest spiritual transformation and HEART, as your Centre becomes master of your body and not the head like with majority. This is also the reason why we are pinned down so deep, in the whole world crisis. Therefore people with big, pure HEART and a great deal of HUMILITY, Meekness, and Simplicity will be the ones in the near future who will lead nations and the entire Planet. Then we'll all become One, One Herd and One Shepherd, a big Mandala with a common Centre Point, the core that is all-ORDER or HEART, around which everything revolves and retains all the power and heat which permeates into the Eternal pre-LIGHT.


On the entire Earth, our Beloved Planet has already been creating a special MANDALA. This will be the most beautiful Mandala in the entire Universe, created by us, human beings, that are led by our HEARTS, that we are trying to do only good, forgive, do good for evil, that we are blessing our BELOVED BROTHERS and SISTERS who are lost in the matter, lost in pride which is the root of all evil, from which rises the desire for power, arrogance, malice, etc.


From love for our neighbors and God, the CORE which is one big HEART consisting of our small HEARTS, there is already expanding an indestructible and powerful LIGHT that will awaken all lost, and together we will not create Paradise but on earth HEAVEN for ETERNITY.

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