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Creation Of Earth - Thomas Bergersen

Tektite is a beautiful dark glossy transformed remains of a giant Asteroid (in various aerodynamic shapes and sizes). It emits a powerful orange aura. Although it looks externally black (because of the highly concentrated LIGHT inside it), it is orange or yellow in thin areas, and sometimes even a very gentle green. Due to the high hardness of its structure, it is a solid Stone. It is hard to make a hole or a notch with a diamond drill or grinder without the water.
Tektite works with a powerful Energy of low-frequency vibration "OM," and around itself permeates all that is stubborn and rigid. It disables powers of black magic, spells, darkness, and all that can influence negatively – not only that it undermines their energy, but it has so much LIGHT inside that it re-establishes order and balance. Not everyone can wear Tektite because it simply doesn't allow you to do wrong to yourself, your loved ones, or anyone surrounding you. With Tektite, your intentions and actions can only be Good and Positive. It gives you an incredible start, flight, and LIGHT speed if you have a good purpose or a positive act on your mind; oppositely, it starts to urge you inside your HEART. Conscience strongly starts to remind you that something you are doing is not correct, and with the help of Tektite's power, you are set back on the right path. Tektite is most successful in healing the most significant emotional illnesses and physical addictions (epilepsy, hard drugs, alcohol, etc.), and it is also the best protection against all evil. It is an excellent device for meetings, serious talks, courts, etc., because it gives insight into what is True and Right. It permeates you with Wisdom, Justice, and Seriousness. It is also ideal for protection from all types of radiation.
With Tektite, you find yourself once again; you find LOVE for your Neighbours, you become bonded with the CREATOR, and all your concerns and financial problems slowly resolve. It is a wonderful tool and a co-traveler from the old to the new, from the material to the SPIRITUAL, from evil into GOOD; it fills you with PEACE, with a great sense of security, with the Power of WISDOM from the ETERNAL INDESTRUCTIBLE LIGHT.

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