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Boomerang is an aerodynamic device made out of wood (or other materials), which, if thrown with correct feeling, returns to the thrower. The earliest listed mentioning of name Boomerang or »Wo-mur-rāng« was in 1798 in Australia. Aborigines had 8 similar names for their wooden devices. We usually associate the origin of Boomerang with Australian natives but in reality, they were found all over the world. A boomerang that was discovered in Jaskinia Obłazowa in the Carpathian Mountains in Poland was made out of mammoth's tusk and it's, 30,000 years old, based on AMS dating of objects found with it. In the past, the Boomerangs were used as a weapon for hunting and fighting but with the spiritual progress of mankind at the end of 26 000 years astronomical cycle and entering a new cycle with the age of Aquarius (which illustrates the air) it has become a sport and recreational device. The distance world record holds David Schummy who threw Boomerang 427,2m in 2005 in Australia.   

We can not throw a Boomerang successfully with our head or brains; we can only succeed if we do it from our HEART or inner feeling. The Boomerang's path is circular or elliptical, like everything in the universe is circular or elliptical. It is a spiritual tool, that reminds us (with its circular path) that the kind of energy we give, the same we get back. When playing with Bumerang we connect with our HEART, with the central point of our body, with our inner feeling. If you are throwing a Boomerang, not only that you stretch your muscles, but you also experience adrenalin, when a good throw results, by a wonder of the law of nature, that something you just threw away seconds ago, returns back to you.    

Boomerangs of Moldavite Association are all hand-crafted, each has a unique paint job, with the original signature of Mark Legg, a member of the US Boomerang team and 2005 Pan American champion. Our Boomerangs are result of Mark's lifetime work. They are used by all major players around the world. Japanese Boomerang team who has just won the 2014 world championship is mostly using Mark's Boomerangs. We offer one of the best recreational Boomerangs in the world. 

Kokopelli Dreaming - Kailash
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