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Beloved BROTHERS and SISTERS, I will shed light on this great LIGHT project/process and tell you about it in all simplicity. The project is already happening, spreading around our planet with the speed of Light.

It all started with small Sun-Star stones that were supposed to Illuminate the HEART of terrestrial Man. Scattered among the people, they create an energy Light Mandala and consequently, the individual’s HEART is illuminated through consciousness and awareness and connects with other Light HEARTS through the visualization of the Lightray and thus forms a Light Mandala with a common central point which is ONE HEART consisted of our small Light HEARTS.


Try to visualize or imagine how your HEART connects with Light rays to all living creatures of our and other planets and Suns where there is Life. At that point, you become the Sun, an infinite number of Light rays shining from inside your HEART in all directions. Front and rear, left and right, up and down. These human Suns emit LIGHT, the FATHER’S GRACE of MERCIFUL LOVE, given to his children in the most difficult times of the last days.


Star stones are just a tool to raise your awareness and to protect you. They help you realize and progress Spiritually towards your goal with a speed greater than the speed of Light. Your HEART, your Mind, and body are illuminated. You can feel that you are part of a large Light structure or Human Light Mandala, which emits and permeates everyone with the Eternal LIGHT and WARMTH of MERCIFUL LOVE.


Those who are aware of it and can see, imagine or visualize it are always full of Bright thoughts, like full of Light sparks that never wear off or destroy, as each thought is like a seed that sprouts and later bears its fruit. The more people visualize it, the more LIGHT surrounds our Planet. This greatly intensifies the peace and harmony between all Nations and People, animals, plants, and the entire Mother Earth. 

Beloved BROTHER, Beloved SISTER, but remember the following in your HEART − the LIGHT that we create comes from the distant and only Central Sun of all eternity, around which everything rotates and functions according to its Order. This single huge Central Sun Heats and gives LIGHT to all other Planets and Suns.

The Suns are actually mirrors or lenses through which the Light is reflected in all directions. The Light or rays form a Light Grid and, at the points where more intertwine, comets are created, i.e. Light bodies that represent food for the Suns. Therefore, the SunLight we receive on our Planet does not come from our Sun, but from the great-great-great-Sun, which is the CORE of all existence or the FATHER of all infinity and there is no other Father beside him. 

To help you understand, I will briefly present the great universal Man. Planets are like CORPORALS who command their soldiers − the Moons. The Sun is their COMMANDER. All the Suns we can see in the sky are commanded by the CAPTAIN or the Central Sun and this mega battalion is called the Galaxy. All the Galaxies, with the CAPTAINS at the helm, are commanded by the MAJOR, the great Central Sun. There are several MAJORS or great Central Suns commanding several large groups of Galaxies. These in turn are commanded by the COLONEL or the great-great-Central Sun. Numerous great-great-Central Suns command all the MAJORS or great-Central Suns with their Galaxies. In the middle of all, there is the GENERAL or the great-great-great-Central Sun which is the CORE of all existence and everything rotates around it in perfect Order. This enormous CORE of all existence is in fact so large that the entire army of all the Planets and Suns placed in one big lump would look like a tiny ball compared to the GENERAL or the great-great-great-Central Sun or the CORE. More precisely, all the above elements would represent a millionth part of the main Central Sun or the CORE or the FATHER of all Infinity. Now you can see how large the CORE is and it has to be to hold everything together and feed all mentioned above with its WARMTH and LIGHT. 

In this great Universal Man, who has the look of a slightly stooped person with long gray hair, the Earth is the lowest nerve in the little toe of his left foot and is situated at the very edge of our Galaxy which is commanded by the CAPTAIN named SIRIUS. Here you are given an insight into something that had long been concealed from humanity and in fact, the so-called big bang was in reality only two small tears of MERCIFUL LOVE that were shed from the CORE or the main Central Sun.  

Maybe the scientists will also learn the truth they are eagerly looking for through our Light Mandala and their work would thus be greatly facilitated and many equations solved. They would also realize that the Sun is only a mirror lens, consisting of water, which only receives the LIGHT and emits it further. Even the tides occur due to the breathing of our Mother Earth, which is a living organism, a living being. I will tell you more about it another time. All this and much more was confided to me by the Loving Father, who is above everything. 

The FATHER or the CORE contains the inner Centre or the basic focal point of all the HEAT, and this is his HEART or his SON as pure MERCIFUL LOVE. Everything was formed and created from this Love. The endless material Universe was created when MERCIFUL LOVE first shed a large TEAR, which scattered in all directions formed the Suns with their Planets and larger Suns with their Galaxies, i.e. the entire material Universe. However, the second and last TEAR shed by MERCIFUL LOVE did not scatter; it was intended for the Centre of the greatest Universal events. This TEAR is actually our Planet or, better said, our Beloved MOTHER EARTH.


Only on our small Planet, which is one of an infinite number of planets, the SON or MERCIFUL LOVE incarnated himself in a mortal man and, for the first time in his eternal existence, interact with his creatures and the People could talk her, watch her and learn from her. This pure and humble MERCIFUL LOVE healed many people, gave hearing back to the deaf and sight to the blind, also awoke the dead and, most importantly, incarnated itself for its Children so that they could recognize it as their Loving, Merciful and Caring FATHER.


Those who realize this and create a Light contact with the Centre or CORE of the CORE of all eternity in their HEART go back to the start, to the beginning and end of everything. They fall into the ARMS of the ONLY and TRUE FATHER of all fathers, WHO is EVERYTHING in EVERYTHING and the most caring and Loving of them all.

At this stage, a personal Spiritual HEART contact and an unshakeable Faith sparked by perceived truth are of great importance. Therefore, you can communicate without any doubt with the Centre of the CORE or with the Loving Holy FATHER, who is essentially pure LOVE and the greatest MERCY and your only best and closest perfect Friend. From this LOVE, we emerged and were created and, through this LOVE, we go back to the CORE, the only HEART of the GOD and FATHER, who is EVERYTHING and we are his BELOVED CHILDREN. HE is Great and we are small − tiny miniatures or Alfa images of the great Omega CORE, GOD THE FATHER.


The Father’s HEART or SON, a MERCIFUL LOVE from which everything was created, incarnated himself on the Earth and thus gave his children the greatest present, showing them by example and acts how to build a mortal body into an IMMORTAL AND ETERNAL LIGHT BODY.

Our Human Light Mandala receives LIGHT from the CORE of the highest LIGHT and will take everything similar to it, from all the continents of our magnificent Planet. Therefore, our Human Light Mandala will permeate the entire MOTHER Earth with its Highest LIGHT and prepare the Elected for the Greatest Event of all times, the extremely intensified influx of the dense Eternal great-LIGHT, which will infinitely invigorate and reward our Human Light Mandala. 

The stubborn ones with cold and hard Hearts, who serve the darkness, will be hit on the vertex (idiocy) and knocked down since the LIGHT will be so strong that it will penetrate deep into the CONSCIENCE of all those who did evil and this will also represent hell for many who could not give up their evil doing and service to the darkness of evil. The LIGHT will permeate the entire planet, all the most solid matter; there will be no hideout where the helpers of the darkness could find shelter. They will flee into caves and bury their heads in the sand, but nothing will help them. Not even the large concrete underground bunkers. The wicked will lose even the little they have − their sense of manipulation and lies. The good will be given more in the LIGHT; all their wounds will be healed and the Tears of suffering and deep sorrow will be wiped from their eyes.

Due to its Purity and Strength, our jointly created Human Light Mandala will revive and save many lost and seduced, our Beloved BROTHERS and SISTERS around the Planet. Using their experience, we will also save those who had no hope left. So prepared, we will await the day of the Fiery Judgement, which will represent a new beginning or HEAVEN on Earth for Eternity. We will start to receive immortal LIGHT bodies, just as our Beloved JESUS did for all of us when he rose from the dead with his Immortal LIGHT body and conquered death with LOVE Forever. I would like to tell you more about him, but my tears do not allow it at the moment. 

All religions, sects, and fraternities will decay. We will become one flock with one shepherd or one HEART. HE will be our one and only LOVE as the most Loving and Caring FATHER to his children, which will become endlessly joyful and happy. 

Just like on scale, the ratio between the Light and the darkness must always be balanced. Where there is a lot of the most repugnant darkness in the world, the LIGHT accelerated strengthens as a counterweight. The LIGHT is increasing, as Humanity is mature enough to accept what has long been out of reach. The upcoming FATHER’S LIGHT will bring back to the New Light Humanity what our Adam has lost around 7,000 years ago. The man will once again become the Master of his Planet, the Old and the Wise will once again hold power over all the elements and the entire Earth with its inhabitants will be Blessed.


The FATHER’S HEART or the Centre of the CORE is FATHER’S ARM LAP that awaits his first children with the greatest LOVE after a long process of experiencing and getting to know evil on the Earth and conquering it with Love on a small scale (JESUS did it on a large scale), the children will Rule together with the FATHER to all infinity. 

Everyone would have been doomed if our MERCIFUL and CARING FATHER had not paid a very high ransom for us, his children to the prince of darkness. He redeemed us with His blood on the Cross and with the most brutal torture and unbearable suffering that the human body is capable of. HE who was without sin and with all the possible Power of all Eternity has Humbly with the greatest MERCIFUL LOVE, without one bad word, suffered as no one in the entire Universe would be capable of. Here you can see what the most Caring FATHER did for his Children and what he will give us just to recognize Him in the right and true Light, and to LOVE HIM above all and our Neighbour at least like ourselves, for the Love for the FATHER. 

Many talk about JESUS, but no one knows and cannot know who HE really is unless they establish a HEART connection with the Centre of the CORE of all eternity. Around 2,000 years ago, Good JESUS said to his disciples: “I could tell you much more, but you would not understand me. Later, towards the end of all times, I will return and teach you about everything.” 

JESUS's second coming has already begun and it’s coming to the HEARTS of the people who will help him rule forever on Earth through the LIGHT OF MERCIFUL LOVE. 

Those who will not accept the FATHER’S Eternal LIGHT, generously given to all people, will go back to the evolutionary cycle. 

We are the LIGHT and our Planet is the LIGHT and we are all ONE HEART, one body and one and only beautiful Light Mandala, created and composed by us, the simple Light Children of our Loving, Merciful and most Caring FATHER who is Livingly present in our HEARTS, who is Talking to us quietly, Protecting and Teaching us through our CONSCIENCE, and is patiently waiting for us with his Warm FATHERLY HEART of the Purest MERCIFUL LOVE. 

After undergoing this short terrestrial test and passing the greatest universal examination, we will go back improved and will come back to His safe Arms and His Eternal FATHERLY Embrace, where no ear has ever heard, no eyes have ever seen and no HEART has ever felt what the CARING, MERCIFUL and most LOVING FATHER has prepared for his first Beloved Children, and is waiting for us with intense longing and the Greatest possible LOVE. 

Beloved BROTHER, Beloved SISTER: “May the great BLESSING of the great-LIGHT of the Eternal FIRE of MERCIFUL LOVE permeate and fill your HEART and the HEARTS of all the people, the whole MOTHER Earth, and all the Planets and Suns throughout Our vast and Eternal UNIVERSE. AMEN!”

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