Cry - Thomas Bergersen

There was controversy in scientific circles as to the origin of Saffordite, whether it comes from outer Space, or is the natural (Earth) stone. It is now partially confirmed that it emanates from the earth, but the low electro-magnetism inside the Stone remains unclear. It is a 30 million-year-old Energetic Stone, found only in the Arizona desert in the United States of America.
In a comprehensive comparative study, which we carried out in cooperation with the University of Ljubljana and the Museum of Natural History between various types of Tektites, we have come to the conclusion that this is most likely the tears of Mother Earth. 
It's a very special and unique Stone and you will not find a similar Stone anywhere else in the world.
The Stone has a long history and an amazing big impact on the Spiritual world. Nicholas Roerich devoted part of his life to a similar Stone, which some Spiritual people today call Cintamani (we call it the Stone of Peace). A big Cintamani was given to him from Tibetan monks during his expedition to Asia. The mission was to bring the Stone to the world leaders (from his circles) as a foundation of Peace and Reconciliation between the First and Second World War. His attempt failed, but today we can still see (in his museum in New York)
 that the part of his paintings bear witness to his long and hard expedition in Asia, and how he was carrying the Stone from continent to continent. In the last century, Roerich was a very strong cultural and political figure. Cintamani is the central Stone in his paintings during and after his 5 year-long expedition in Asia.
Today, the Saffordite is creating an incredibly big impact in the Spiritual world. Its Energy is very powerful and will play a major role in Raising Awareness and spreading the LIGHT on our whole BELOVED PLANET.

Onohej Zlatove