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Echoes From The Void - E-Mantra

Colombianite is a sacred Stone of the Colombian Indians from the Muisca tribes. Natives call it "Piedra Rayo," which means "Lightning Stone." It connects with the sacred and Divine origin. Colombian Healers use it for communication with the invisible.

In cooperation with the Geology Department (University of Ljubljana) and the Museum of Natural History, we extensively compared different types of Tektites. The conclusion was that it is a very old and exceptionally preserved Obsidian resembling Tektite (Pseudotektite).

Interestingly, it has survived an incredible 30 million-year era (Obsidian is very unstable and rarely exceeds a few million years). It is a transparent, Natural, Highly Energetic Gem. Much rarer than Moldavite and Saffordite.

On all four expeditions in Colombia, we received the Stones with tremendous respect. The Stones were found approximately thirty years ago in Cali's surrounding area (Valle del Cauca). We received the Stones in consecration and as a part exchange for Moldavites. The Stones called us to bring them to Europe, where we will spread them throughout Europe and other continents as a powerful instrument in raising human consciousness. This rare and precious Stone has a very high vibration compared to other Star Stones. Those destined to have it will gain the opportunity to experience deep Compassion through the Divine Mercy. Proper handling and coaxing allow you to rise above the world to the highest inner feelings. You can share visions where tears are inevitable. The Stones can trigger clear images and deep emotions. The visions were followed by Tears of Awareness and Recognition of the Truth on a higher Emotional and Spiritual level. It became easy for my Spirit to be inside another human, plant, or animal. Above all, I felt the circles of the suffering of all living beings on earth very strongly.

Gratitude for bringing these stones to Europe goes primarily to a professor from the University of Cali, who received us, guided us, gave us instructions, and kept an eye on us because Colombia is a dangerous country. Since quantity is limited, they are intended for people with a Higher Spiritual mission.

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