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Colombianite is a sacred Stone of the Colombian Indians from the Muisca tribes. Natives call it “Piedra Rayo”, which means “Stone of Lightning” or “Light Stone”. It is connected with the sacred, Divine origin. Colombian shamans use it in their rituals as a means of communication with the GOD. They also use it for prophetic visions. It is very old and well perserved Obsidian - the tears of Mother Earth. We did an extensive comparison between all Tektites with cooperation of University of Ljubljana and Museum of Natural History and they are different than Asteroid made natural glass. Whoever is stating that they were created by the Asteroid impact is most likely wrong. But still it is very special and very rare, much rarer than Moldavite and Saffordite.

This are Cinta Mani stones from Sanskrit, whose prophecy is written in both Buddhism and Hinduism. According to the ancient writings this is one of the four relics which were given from the sky to the people, to gain God's Mercy over all Life surrounding them. In Tibet, the power of this stone brought Dharma among the people, which means the CENTER OF INFINITY. In the western world, it is called the Stone of Wisdom or "Philosopher's Stone", which has been searched by all alchemists since the beginning of time, but the Stone of Wisdom can not be found if you do not search it inside. Cinta Mani helps you to change from the external to the inner search of the truth. The Stone of Wisdom or Philosopher's Stone is in reality build out of human tears of recognition, and according to the Cinta Mani prophecy the energy will shift when the stones will be scattered among the people, and the whole world will cry over itself in the recognition of its own weaknesses.

These stones were handed to us on expeditions in Colombia with the greatest respect, since their carriers had them in their possession for 8 years and did not offer them to anyone. According to their tradition, these stones were excavated approx. 25 years ago at the beginning of the transition to the Age of Aquarius around the city of Cali, Colombia. We received these stones in consecration and as a partial exchange for Moldavites. The stones called us to bring them to Slovenia for a purpose that goes beyond our earthly comprehension, from where they will be spread throughout Europe and other continents, to raise awareness and to heal our planet. This rare and very precious stone has the highest vibration of all Star Stones. It brings God’s mercy to all living beings, since it carries a code of eternal ancient fire. In the East they call it Cinta Mani or Stone of peace. With its gentle violet colour, high exterior gloss, strong reflection of light and beautiful ornamental forms, it creates a very strong magnet. It attracts the attention of everyone in its vicinity, including those who do not believe in the power of stones. Whoever accepts it, feels for the first time in life a deep compassion through God’s mercy, revealed to us by him who has the key to the whole spiritual universe. With proper handling and soliciting, it offers the opportunity to rise to the highest level of feelings of experiencing God’s mercy towards all living beings. You can experience visions where tears are inevitable. I have experienced it repeatedly very strongly. I had unforeseen visions and feelings that begun to be aroused near the stones. The visions were always followed by an intense and inconsolable crying, as well as an awareness and recognition of the spirit on a higher emotional-spiritual level. With ease, I could identify myself with a nearby being, whether a plant, human or animal. In particular, I felt very strongly the suffering of all living beings around me and a strong correlation of the mind in an endless river of life. 

Gratitude for bringing these stones to Europe for the first time goes primarily to a professor from the University of Cali, who received us very hospitably, guided us, gave us instructions and kept an eye on us all the time, because Colombia is a country full of dangers. Since the quantity of these stones is very limited, we believe they are intended for people with a higher spiritual mission.

Onohej Zlatove