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Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd

A beautiful green-colored asteroid with a high silicon dioxide content arrived 15 million years ago in today's Germany and the Czech Republic. It is called Moldavite or Vltavin (after river Vltava). Moldavite is mainly found and mined in the southern parts of the Czech Republic. They can be found in all shades of green. Its hardness is from 6.5 to 7.5 Mohs (ref. O'Keefe NASA research). Moldavite came with a noble purpose, and anyone who accepts it is revealed an important message (and much more).

Moldavite is concentrated pure Love, and his green aura works primarily on the HEART chakra (the core of seven human Energy Centers of Consciousness). It frees the Soul, brings Peace to life, and strengthens mental and physical health. It is one of the most powerful tools for healing and eliminating pain (internal organs, toothache, headaches, etc.). The larger or heavier the Moldavite, the stronger it is. Some people can feel the Stone in their hand, but it is most effective when worn around the HEART area. You can feel Moldavite also at the forefront (Thirdeye chakra), where it opens a view into the invisible and gives you Clairvoyance, but you have to be clean of all negative thoughts, worries, and problems. If you place Moldavites around you in 6 or 12 points Mandala, they work very actively in treatment, relaxation, meditation, and radiation protection; they also strengthen your dreams to become actual and psychic, sometimes even Prophetic.

Moldavite works with a very subtle high vibration. It can help you rise through the HEART to the highest Spiritual Areas, to the CENTER of the ETERNAL LIGHT that permeates everything that exists throughout INFINITY. It bonds you with other people who are similar on the inside, with the highest Angelic Spirits, with the CENTER of all Creation, the very CREATOR himself, and makes you very happy. Fair and rigorous GOD becomes GOOD, MERCIFUL, and most LOVING FATHER. You're starting to become LOVE, and WISDOM in you strengthens. You can develop compassion and love to the highest point to do the most difficult tasks, such as forgiving, doing good for evil, etc.

Moldavite puts you on the path to your destiny, the core of everything that exists, a second birth (Spiritual Awakening), to perfection.

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