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Benzoin Styrax, balsamic resin (Sumatra, Indonesia) A++

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  • Benzoin Styrax, balsamic resin


    Benzoin Styrax resin is highly sought after for its sweet, vanilla-like scent. It contains benzoic and cinnamic acids. Benzoin Styrax is used in Japanese incense, Indian incense, Chinese incense (known as Anxi Xiang; and Papier d'Arménie), and incense sticks in the aroma and fragrance industry. It is the main ingredient in several types of church incense used in Russia, other Orthodox Christian societies, and Western Catholic Churches. Most Benzoin is used as incense in the Arabian Peninsula and Hindu temples in India.


    Origin: Sumatra, Indonesia


    Quality: A++



    50g - €11.00

    100g - €19.00

    200g - €36.00

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