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Faceted Moldavite Garnet silver A+++ 3.5g

€ 165,00Price
    • Value of pendant with chain: €165.00
    • Weight of pendant with chainy: 3.5g
    • Stone quality: A+++
    • Origin of the stone: Asteroid impact (Nördlinger Ries crater)
    • Stone hardness: 6,5 – 7 Mohs (O'Keefe, NASA)
    • Chemical composition of the stone: SiO2 (+Al2O3)
    • Pendant and chain: silver 925
    • Locality: Chlum, Bohemia, Czech Republic
    • Garnet  Spessartine: Faceted, Minas Gerais, Brazil
    • Pendant dimensions: 2.2cm x 1cm x 0.6cm
    • A quality - prime specimens in terms of morphology, color, and light reflection.
    • B quality – medium grade specimens.
    • C quality - specimens with basic morphology, color, and light reflection.
    • An additional plus stands for morphological beauty (+), color (+), or sunlight reflection (+).


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