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Jakob Lorber: Earth and Moon

€ 36,00Price
    • Cover: paperback
    • Pages: 244
    • Dimensions: 21 cm x 14 cm


    Two of Jakob Lorber's most revealing naturo-spiritual works (THe Moon, 1841; The Earth, 1846-47) are combined in this edition of Earth and Moon. Lorber unveils, from a physical point of view, the inner structure of the Earth, confirming that she is a cosmic body full of Energy and Life. Further, comparisons between Mother Earth and man's physical body cannot be denied. Also revealed are the reasons for the extinction of giant forests and animals, the mysterious amphibious rains, the origin of fragrance, the nourishment and rotation of the Earth, and much more. 

    And, from the Spiritual point of view, one can but conclude the pure existence of the Spiritual realm within, beside, and above the Earth. 

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