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Jakob Lorber: Sunsets into Sunrises

€ 34,00Price
    • Cover: paperback
    • Pages: 488
    • Dimensions: 22 cm x 15 cm


    Here we see a man, after breathing his last breath on earth, pass through the "big gate" into the beyond. We see how in the other world his "sphere" begins to take shape, initially like a dream-life still reflecting all his earthly errors, notions, and desires. 

    We accompany him on his various progresses and regresses on the path to cognition and see how various higher Spiritual beings and Angels join him and, through purifying and instructive experiences, prepare him for a true understanding of GOD. 

    This is a most reassuring work, showing GOD as a LOVING FATHER with infinite patience and forbearance towards souls of Good will who honestly strive for perfection and growing in their Love for God and their fellow beings. But it is also a serious warning to those who scorn and stubbornly oppose divine order. 

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