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Jakob Lorber: The Household of God (vol. 1)

€ 38,00Price
    • Cover: paperback
    • Pages: 564
    • Dimensions: 22 cm x 14 cm


    Jakob Lorber has left a legacy of 25 sizable volumes which, even in a purely physical sense, is an enormous achievement. Even more powerful is the contents of this singularly mystical work and doubtlessly it is the most profound and inspiring literary work of its kind in the world. 

    In this respect, already the first fundamental work "The Household of God" presented to us through Jakob Lorber far surpasses everything that so far has been said on the themes of the creation and fall of spirits, creation of the earth and humankind, as well as their prehistory up to the Great Flood, themes familiar to us through the Bible and through mythological and scientific texts. 

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