I have been contemplating for a long time and realised that my HEART was not free. I, myself had created prison into which not a single beam of LIGHT would shine and I had to humiliate myself and walk through the lowest process of love to repay the karma that had been accompanied me from my past lives. To completely free one’s HEART is something nobody can really imagine.

I asked my HEART: »What must I do, that you will no longer suffer so much?«

And my HEART replied: »Set me free and you will see something no eye has seen before, no ear has heard, and no HEART has felt, what I have truthfully prepared for you. Take a look at your family and you will see that all the people in this world are your family, all the children are in fact your children, and when I will be FREED completely your family will become the whole INFINITE UNIVERSE.«


Onohej Zlatove