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We are attending the 20th exhibition of precious and semi-precious Stones - Mineral EXPO Zagreb, which will take place from 18th to 20th of May at Dom Sportova, Zagreb. It is the largest traditional EXPO in Croatia, bringing together many local and foreign exhibitors, geologists, collectors, and Spiritual people from around the world.


7. 5. 2023

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Association is attending the 11th annual expo of alternative medicine Altermed from 13th to 15th ofMarch 2015 in Celje Slovenia. Altermed fair host more than 20.000 visitors in 3 expo days. Association Moldavite will exhibit a large collection of rare healing meteorites from all the continents, healing Mandalas made with freehand, Palo Santo - Hollywood from South America (Colombia), hand made Boomerangsand other esoteric and aerodynamic products.

Dear members, supporters, and meteorite lovers,

We thank you for your personal visit and support at one of the most beautiful alternative medicine fairs in Slovenia. We wish you, that you create strong connections with your new stones.

From our hearts, 
Moldavite Association


We are on an expedition in South America until the 2th of April 2015.

From our Hearts,
Moldavite Association team


We inform you, that we are on an expedition in Asia until the 2nd of May 2015. In this time we will not be able to send stones through post office but you are most welcome to visit us personally in the Association's main office in Ljubljana Slovenia.

Kind regardes,
Moldavite Association team

Honorable members, supporters, and StarStone lovers,

we welcome you to 43. international days of minerals, fossils, and the environment from 9th of Mayto 10th of May 2015 in Hall of Trziskih olimpijcev, Trzic Slovenia EU. Association will exhibit one of the world's biggest Star Stone collections. You can find more information's on the mineral expo official web page:

See you there.
Moldavite Association team

Dearest members, supporters, and meteorite lovers,

the Association participates in the 17th International Fair of precious and semi-precious stones - Mineral EXPO Zagreb, Croatia. The fair will be held from 16th to 17th May 2015 at DomSportova hall. Mineral EXPO is the biggest traditional fair in Croatia. More information can be found on the fairs official website:

Warm regards,
Moldavite Association team

Dearest members and supporters of the Moldavite Association,

Thank you for your participation and support in the biggest international fair of precious and semi-precious stones in Croatia. Together we have created new concentric circles of love in the Light Human crystal Mandala. Blessing of Love and Light to all of our Brothers and Sisters in Croatia, to our whole Beloved Planet and all the Planets in our infinite Universe.

From our Hearts to your Hearts,
Moldavite Association team

Dearest member, supporters, and Star Stones lovers,

we were in a meeting with French and Russian geologists in France and we got one of the most beautiful and quality collection of Lybian Gold Tektites. We can offer you these stones on a display or you have a possibility to gain highly energetic stones that enlight your life with rays of golden light. The majority of these stones were found in geological expeditions in the seventies of the last century.

Moldavite Association team

Beloved members, supporters, and Star lovers,

we have started to raise donations to build an open terrace and a kitchen on Moldavite Association's hill farm. All who know how to handle the wood are most welcome to join us. The main goal of the project is that we can start meeting in a very energetic place in the middle of natural life. We also started raising money for expeditions in Kazahstan and Indonesia. For this matter, we have put discounts on almost all Star Stones. The discounts will last until the end of August. 

If you feel that you want to be a part of our projects, you can help us out personally or donate founds on Association's account: IBAN SI56 0510 0801 3800 667  BIC: ABANSI2X. You can also send donations thru PayPal on or send us money in a priority mail (Moldavite Association, Trubarjeva c. 61, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia EU). All the donations collected from the Star Stones will be used for these two projects. 

We thank you for all your past donations and various help. Without you, the Moldavite Associations would not exist.

Be blessed with the highest Light from the center of all existing,

Moldavite Association team


We have received an invitation from experienced mountaineers to attend a climbing expedition on Austria's highest peak Grossglockner (3798m). Our starting point was from the Neues Lucknerhaus at 1918 meters above sea level. The rise started by the right side of the torrential stream Kodnitzbach. We crossed the glacier Teischnitz-Kees and continued on the path to the hut Erzherzog Johann Hütte (3454m). In the hut, we put on full climbing gear and began a steep climb on the glacier Koednitz-Kees. At the top of the glacier, we put down crampons and ice axes and started climbing protected towards Kleinglockner. After 3 hours of climbing, we have reached the summit of Kleinglockner and Grossglockner where we have enjoyed the most amazing view on all the surrounding areas. The descent was performed on the left side of the glacier Teischnitz-Kees. The journey was indescribably beautiful but we recommend climbing to only very experienced mountaineers (more pictures can be found on our Facebook website).

Moldavite Association team


There are still BIG DISCOUNTS in September on Star stones (up to 60% off) and also on all other precious stones. You can find rare specimens that is very difficult to reach in Europe and also anywhere else in the world. 

Discounts are in accordance with fundraising for our new expeditions on different continents and also to build a Log House with a kitchen and an open terrace on Moldavite hill farm.

Dearest members, supporters and Star stones lovers,

We thank you all for the contributions and donations in the past two months. With your help, we managed to raise enough funds for the expedition to Kazakhstan to the Zhamanshin crater. The expedition will take place from the 10th of October to the 20th of October 2015.
During our absence, you can personally see all the stones from our collections at the Association's headquarters (prior telephone reservation). Reservations of the stones are accepted by e-mail, but we can send them after the 20th of October. Internet communication will be limited due to the remote location of the meteorite crater.

Warm regards,
Moldavite Association team


We invite you to the national exhibition show "Light in the stone" where we are exhibiting rare stones from our collections. The exhibition is a part of the international year of Light 2015.

Warm regards, Moldavite Association team


​Dear members, supporters, and Starstone lovers, we notify you that we have successfully returned from the remote Kazakhstan, where we had significant difficulties to get to the goal - the Zhamanshin crater. It was one of the most difficult expeditions until now. Our journey started in the city of Astrakhan (Russia), which lies along the Caspian Sea. We had to drive 1350km deep in Kazakhstan. The expedition was badly strenuous and dangerous as the roads in Kazakhstan are in very poor condition, mostly without asphalt and with huge holes and damages. The distances between towns and villages are up to 300km. After two really difficult days of driving, we arrived in town Irgiz that lies nearest to the crater (approx. 70km). We were very exhausted from driving and very dirty as there is no clean water on the way to wash our selves. Through the night we stayed with the locals, which accepted us very warmly and offered us everything - free information, accommodations, food, water, help with official matters, etc. Notwithstanding their modest way of life, their hospitality is something that we will always remember in our HEARTS. For them, the traveler or guest is like a family and needs to be treated as a Beloved BROTHER or a SISTER and we were treated in that heavenly manner. The next day we continued our journey to the center of the crater, with the help of a shepherd who grazes his horses in the Zhamanshin area pastures. The crater has an inner circle in diameter of 7km, and an outer circle in diameter of 14km. From the main road, the path branches off in the middle of nowhere and runs along a very dangerous steppe road for 24km. Many times we had to tack up to 2m deep channels, which took us almost a whole day. Late in the afternoon, we arrived at the center of the huge crater, where we had only 24 hours left to search for the stones. The energy in the crater is amazing. In certain areas, we felt tingling through the body and heard a continuous high-frequency sound. At night we stayed in the car, as there are wolves present in the whole area of the crater. It was also unenviable -7 degrees celsius during the night and during the day and up to +3 degrees celsius. At night we had some very vivid, lucid dreams with messages. The next day we walked great distances in search of stones through accurate information and Divine assistance. We completed our task of searching the stones successfully as we have found Irgizites that have never been seen worldwide. Irgizite is a special stone and is different from other Tektites by the shape and vibrational energy. Also, Irgizites were not airborne shaped (you can read about his energetic influence on web-page "Irgizite" on our website). Before leaving crater we build two small rocky peaks at the two different crater hills called "uncles". We build these stone structures in our beautiful mountains and if you go hiking you can find them anywhere in the Alps. With this, we made our signature in this foreign land. The path back to the city Astrakhan was very difficult because we had problems with terminators and stabilizers on our SUV chassis.

Throughout the expedition, a Good FATHER, who is the center of all life, watched over us, protected us, and showed us the path on which we had to travel. In the universe, where everything works in perfect mathematical order, coincidences don't exist but everything has it's purpose and objective, as was meant for us to walk this hard path, on which HE was present with us all the time... HE who is the source of all LIGHT and HEAT in all infinity.

With love to all our loved ones,
Moldavite Association team


We are publishing some photos from the national exhibition "Light in the stone" where we have exhibit stones from our collections. The exhibition is a part of the international year of Light 2015.

Warm regards, 
Moldavite Association team

We inform you that we will participate in a big 44th annual Paris Mineral Show (all about gemstones), which will take place from 4th to 6th of December

2015 in the " Espace Charenton" Paris, France. The organizers invited

us mainly because of our unique and rare collections of Star

stones from all around the world. Each year the fair has

approx. 5000 visitors. We will be located in an area

where you can find only expensive collectible

types of crystals, ​jewels, and minerals.
We warmly invite you to visit us,
Moldavite Association team


We publish some photos from the international Paris Mineral Expo 2015. We are grateful to all of our members and supporters who have helped us arrange exhibition place, especially for their quick response and HEARTFUL help. We are also very grateful to the organizers of the Expo, who always helped us and attended to all of our needs. We send regards and blessings to all our new supporters and members from France, Spain, Morocco, and the United States as well to all other people from all around the planet and all ​the planets in all eternity.

With love from the Warmth of our HEARTS,
Moldavite Association team


We are happy to announce that we will participate in the biggest annual Mineral show in the world in Tucson, Arizona USA. You are most welcome to visit us at Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show in Hotel Tucson city center from the 30th of January to the 13th of February 2016. We will exhibit all of our finest Starstone collections. In this time will also perform an expedition to the desert to look for very rare Saffordites. During our absence the web and phone communication are possible but we will be unable to send the stones via the post office. You can make a reservation of individual stone until our arrival on the 20th of February. 

Warm regards from Arizona, 
​Moldavite Association team



We would like to notify you, that we have returned from a very demanding expedition in Arizona. We went there to participate in the biggest Mineral show in Tucson which lasted one month. At the end of the show, we only had a couple of days left to look for very rare and precious Saffordite Star stones. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the organizers of Arizona Mineral & Fossil Show, Martin Zinn Expositions L.L.C. who accepted us with open HEARTS and helped us solve all obstacles and difficulties on our path, which were not small. For us, they even had a special understanding which is very rare nowadays. We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to all our members and supporters. Without you, this expedition would be impossible. At the end, we were most fortunate in looking for Saffordites. Because of the desert heat during the day we were only able to look for them in the mornings and evenings in an area of 100m2 kilometers. Sometimes we had to walk a couple of kilometers away from the car to look for them on different challenging paths with the company of coyotes, bobcats, and different snakes and reptiles. It was also very difficult to find the right location because the area of fallen Saffordites (approx. 30 million ago) is huge. With the help from home and with the Divine support we were able to collect over 1 kg of these beautiful, rare, and energetically very efficient Star stones which some call Cinta Mani. We are now able to lower the value of the stones for all members and supporters of the Moldavite Association. At the time of the expedition, we have established many new contacts and gained a lot of new supporters. Because of all unexpected events associated with many difficulties which were all solved with Divine luck, this was the longest and most difficult path till now.

​Beloved members, supporters, BROTHERS, and SISTERS, THANK YOU for all of your beautiful thoughts and Blessings that were really needed on this expedition.

Kind and Heartful Regards and the Blessing of the Highest LIGHT to all of you may always feed your HEART and HEARTS of all who surround you.

Moldavite Association ​team

We will participate in the 47th annual Bologna Mineral show, which will take place at Unipol Arena from 4th to 6th of March in the old medieval town Bologna, Italy. The show is one of the biggest in this area of Europe and has more than 20.000 visitors in 3 exposition days.


We Warmly invite you to visit us!
Moldavite Association team

Dear members and supporters of the Moldavite Association,

Association is attending the 12th annual expo of alternative medicine Altermed from 11th to 13th of March 2016 in Celje Slovenia. Altermed fair host more than 20.000 visitors in 3 expo days and it is the most beautifully organized expo in Slovenia. Moldavite Association will exhibit a rare precious collection of Star stones ​and other esoteric products.

Warm regards,
Moldavite Association team

We would like to express gratitude to all members, supporters, and visitors from Slovenia and other countries who visited us on one of the most energetic alternative medicine expo Altermed 2016, Celje, Slovenia.

Thank you for all your help and your beautiful thoughts and

Blessings. Without you, Moldavite Association

would not exist.



We were invited to a TV show where we answered the questions about the Human LIGHT Mandala project and Star stones project.

Moldavite Association team

We are happy to announce that we have contributed an article about all Healing Star stones in the last edition of Karma plus. 

Warm Regards
Moldavite Association team

Dear members, supporters, and Starstone lovers,

we invite you to 44. international days of minerals, fossils, and the environment from 14th of May to 15th of May 2016 in Hall of Trziskih olimpijcev, Trzic Slovenia EU. Association will exhibit one of the world's biggest Star Stone collections. You can find more information on the MINFOS expo official web page:


Warm Regards,
Moldavite Association team




We were invited in the TV show for the second time where we answered the questions about the Human LIGHT Mandala project and the Star stones project.

Moldavite Association team

​Dearest members, supporters, and Starstone lovers,

The Moldavite Association participates in the 18th International Fair of precious and semi-precious stones - Mineral EXPO Zagreb, Croatia. The fair will be held from 21th to 22th of May 2016at Dom Sportova hall. Mineral EXPO Zagreb is the biggest traditional fair in Croatia. More information can be found on the EXPO's official website:

You are most welcome to visit us.
Moldavite Association team

Dearest members and supporters of the Moldavite Association,

Thank you for your participation and support in the biggest international fair of precious and semi-precious stones in Croatia. Together we have created new concentric circles of Love in the Light Human crystal Mandala. Blessing of love and Light to all of our Brothers and Sisters in Croatia, to our whole Beloved Planet and all the Planets in the whole Infinite Universe.

From our Hearts to your Hearts,
Moldavite Association team

With great pleasure, we announce that we had a meeting in France with Russian and French geologists. We were very lucky and managed to get hard obtainable (Libya is still unstable because of the war) and high-quality collection of Libyan Gold Tektites.



I have been thinking for a long time and realized that my HEART is not free. I had created my own prison into which not a single beam of LIGHT would shine and I had to humiliate myself and go through the lowest process of love in order to repay the karma that had been following me from my past lives. To completely free one’s HEART is something nobody can fully imagine. And I asked my HEART: "What can I do that you will no longer suffer so much?" And my HEART replied: "Set me free in fullness and you will be able to see something no eye has seen before, no ear has heard, and no HEART has felt, what I have truthfully prepared for you. Look at your family and you will see that all people in this world are your family, all the children are in fact your children, and when I AM FREE completely, your family will become the whole Infinite UNIVERSE."


Onohej Zlatove



In September we have BIG DISCOUNTS on almost all Star stones from our expeditions (up to 50% discounts and more) and also on all other precious stones and esotericism. Some very rare specimens are hard to find in Europe and anywhere else in the world.

Discounts are in accordance with fundraising for new expeditions on different continents, spiritual publishing and also to rebuild a 300-year-old Moldavite Association mountain farm. 

With past donations and voluntary contributions, we managed to print 6000 copies of free spiritual publications in three languages and successfully completed two difficult expeditions in Kazakhstan and Arizona, USA. On Moldavite Association's mountain farm we managed to build 1.5 km of new forest roads to inaccessible forest areas. We are gradually renovating the existing access road ( 500m). We bought a new mower for steep terrain, a string trimmer, and a renewed old tractor and BCS mower. We also bought a lot of small tools that are necessary for farm work. There are a lot of problems with the old water reservoir (it leaks) and it requires thorough renovation. It is also necessary to build a new biological treatment plant.

For the past working projects and help we are very grateful to Boris Stanko (for his help with cleaning the forest and preventing the spread of the beetle, road constructions, and the help with rebuilding the kitchen), Drago Kolenc (for his help with cleaning the forests and parks and also for lots of useful tips). We would especially like to express our gratitude to Metod Klun, who started with the renovation of the old kitchen and launched a project in which also our hardworking teenagers participated (Luka, Domusej, Alen, and Jezuselija). Also, praise to Onok Zlatoom for his dedication and care in settling the whole estate. We are thankful to Magda Praznik and Asirija Zlatibor for taking care of the household, to Klemen, Niko, Ales, and other spiritual BROTHERS from Novo Mesto for diverse aid and to Hana Hristov for her assistance and help with publishing Spiritual texts.

Heartfelt gratitude goes especially to our Donors and Supporters from all over the world, who believe in us and support us on both material and Spiritual level. Without you, all this wouldn't be possible. Above all, we would like to thank you for your help in spreading the LIGHT to all human HEARTS, all over the world to heal the Planet by strengthening our Human LIGHT Mandala.


To all of you a Big WARM HUG and Blessing of the Highest HEAVEN'S
eternal LIGHT from our Good and most LOVING FATHER.


With Love and Respect
Moldavite Association team



We have a new selection of over 70 new individual Innova Disc Golf models. You are most welcome to have a look at our web store. 

Moldavite Association team


We inform you that we will participate in a big 45th annual Paris Mineral Show (all about gemstones), which will take place from 2th to 4th of December

2016 in the " Espace Charenton" Paris, France. The organizers invited

us mainly because of our unique and rare collections of Star

stones from all around the world. Each year the fair has

approx. 5000 visitors. We will be located in the area

where you can find only expensive collectible

types of crystals, ​jewels, and minerals.
We warmly invite you to visit us,
Moldavite Association team

An insight in Star Stones from 45. Mineral EXPO Paris show. We are grateful for all visitors and supporters from France and also we have established a

contact with Japan and soon we will present to you a Gibeon

meteorite in Japanese art. Also with the new contacts

for next year we are planning to visit Mineral

EXPO Tokyo 2017.

Warm Regards,

Moldavite Association team

We announce that we are going on an expedition to Colombia in search of rare Colombianites and we also have a meeting with local cavers. Till our return in mid-January 2017 the personal visits are limited.

Thank you for your HEARTFUL support.  

Warm Regards

Moldavite team


We announce that we have successfully returned from our expedition to Colombia. After two years from our first meeting with Muisca tribe Indians we are presenting to you, something never is seen before. In the last two years of intensive search for Colombianites, the locals have managed to excavate exceptional specimens from the »Valle del Cauca« (the area around the city of Cali). The majority of new Colombianites were found during the excavation and some were found after intensive storms when rain has washed them into the surface. After the meeting with local geologists and cavers, we found out that they were created with a tremendous amount of force. Because of their unbelievable structural shapes, the scientists from the area are leaning towards the 30 milion-year-old impacts of a large meteorite on the island »Isla Gorgonilla« located in the Pacific ocean. Because of the angle of impact, the projectile drops (meteorite purified material) were scattered around the city of Cali. After a difficult path we have traveled, the Colombianites that were handed to us by a Colombian indigenous people are a magical gift of Universe meant for rare individuals to use their energy for the benefit of all living on our planet. The largest found Colombianite weighs 187g and it unbelievably resembles Cinta Mani stone in the Roerich paintings from his 5-year expedition to Asia. If you are interested in any of the Star stones from this special collection, please send us an email on

Warm Regards from Moldavite team

We announce that from the original 7 Colombianite Star stones which we decided to give to the people who financially cannot afford them in 5

different countries (total of 35), we dispatched 179 Colombianites in

33 countries all around the world according to a surprisingly

large response. We have spread the LIGHT of this rare

Starstone and increase concentric circle of



To all of you Warmest Regards and

Blessing of the Highest LIGHT.

Moldavite team


The stone is really magical. I radiometrically measured it and there are amazing results. Radiostetically it has a white color, which is very interesting because colors of all other sacred stones that I so far had a privilege to measure varies. Stone is definitely from a great source and operates at the level of the divine aura, which is again very interesting. Until now I have not met with energy at this level. The highest layer of the operation I measured was at the essential level of aura. The most interesting thing is that the energy of the highest sanctuaries - energetic places like Megalithic circle Little Angel, illuminated megalithic circle Krn and the places where the Dragon tangent lines cross is about 200 million Bovis units (for example, the energy of the average human has approximately 10,000 BE units). The Colombianite according to my measurements has astonishing 400 million BE units, almost twice as much as the largest and most powerful energy sources I came across in nature. You can clearly feel it's energy when you established a contact. Thank you from my heart for giving me this Colombianite which became the part of my life and it will help me enlighten the path of other people.




Emerald - one of the most beautiful green colored Crystal on earth, excavated by the Muiscas and Aztecs who used them exclusively for spiritual purposes, highly desirable by all civilizations and cultures but its mystical location in the Colombian Mountains gives it that special feature, which stirs up spirits and wives people to seek it for thousands of years, despite all dangers they have to face.

On our last expedition, we visited 2 main Emerald mines of Colombia - namely Muzo and Chivor which are both located in remote areas of the Colombian Andes Mountain range in the Boyaca department. We wanted to know more about the mining process of this beautiful rare green Crystal, but the main purpose of this research expedition was to support local miners and not big corporations and private owners or resellers at Emerald Trade Centre.

The path itself to these remote areas is very long, difficult, and dangerous in terms of very bad roads, especially on the steep slopes of the Colombian Mountains. The reason why we call them Colombian Mountains, despite their lower altitude is that the majority of hills are incredibly steep, rocky, and branched with deep river valleys and steep peaks, which are intertwined with magnificent Colombian forests full of big waterfalls and small river beds. But the most amazing thing was to watch the games of mists above the forests, how at all times the natural spirits rise above the earth and observe all our thoughts and HEARTS.

The first mines that we visited are located approximately 10 km from a very remote and very poor city of Muso. The route took us 200 km north of Bogota, of which there was 80 km of dangerous roads. The largest mines in Muzo are owned by American corporations and private owners. The miners from the local town are mostly employed by their wealthy employers. Their average salary is approximately 250 U.S.D per month for performing one of the most dangerous jobs, with a lot of health issues and in some mines even in very low working conditions with a minimum ventilation system. We are happy that we chose to go on this expedition and purchase Emeralds directly from the local miners and thus offered them at least some help to improve their living conditions. Particularly in this area, there is a very small inquiry for Emeralds from foreigners, because in 2012 there had been a shooting between U.S. and Colombian interests, which had a significantly big effect on the state of the local population and further aggravate their already unenviable situation.

The second mines we visited are located around the city of Chivor. The road to this area is really amazingly beautiful, despite all road dangers. The city of Chivor is also located approximately 200km from Bogota but more to the northeast. Some of the biggest mines in the area are owned by the Colombian government, and some are owned by local miners, which was the best surprise on our expedition. In these mines, the miners don't have a regular monthly income, but they can keep all the Emeralds they find. Here too we have supported the local population by buying Emeralds from them. They expressed their gratitude in the best possible way - they took us on a tour of two mines where we learned from first hand how the mining processes take place.

On your last expedition, we managed to get some very beautiful specimens of this rare and very powerful Crystal, which you can see on our websites, and also in this manner, we managed to maintain it's innocent beauty and essence of purity.

Onohej Zlatove


We announce that we are currently located in Arizona USA. For the next 14 days, you will be able to find us exhibiting in Arizona Mineral and Fossil show 2017. This year the organizers surprised us with a new exhibiting location in the lobby of Hotel Tucson City Center (look for Star Stones near the entrance to the pool). The main goal of the expedition is to search for very rare Saffordites in the Arizona desert near the second-largest Space observatory in the world (Mount Graham International Observatory - 3300m). Personal visits to the Association's headquarters are limited till the 20th of February.

Warm Regards
Moldavite team

On the 13th of February 2014, we have established the MOLDAVITE – Association for raising Awareness and Healing the Planet. Our beginning was without any financial resources, we only had our HEARTS, which were directing us that we have insisted on all difficult situations with our unwavering faith, and with the help of STAR STONES. The path that we had to walk was very hard. Three years have passed from Ljubljana’s Central Market to the most prestigious exhibition of Crystals in the USA.

In three years we have performed research expeditions in Thailand, Philippines, Kazakhstan, twice in Columbia, twice in Arizona, two meetings with Geologists in France, one in Germany, and 14 times in the Czech Republic. We were exhibiting STAR STONES: 3 times in Trzic, 3 times in Celje, Koper, 2 times in Ljubljana, Gornja Radgona, Lipica, Opatija, 3 times in Zagreb, Belgrade, Bologna, Verona, 2 times in Paris and 2 times in Tucson.

We were invited to exhibit our STAR STONES for the International Year of LIGHT 2015 in the Slovenian Museum of Natural History and at the International Yoga Conference. We also participated in various roundtable discussions and television shows.

In 2014 we designed Moldavite Association’s website in 3 languages which were redesigned in 2016. We have 3 websites in 3 languages ​​on FB social network, we've also established websites on Google +, Instagram, and Twitter. At this moment there are more than 26 000 people following us from all over the world.  

We are very pleased that we have managed to publish 90 spiritual texts in Slovenian language (from authors - Jakob Lorber and successor of his works - Gottfried Mayehoffer), 87 spiritual publications in English language and 15 spiritual publications in Croatian and Serbian language.

We are slowly renewing Moldavite Association’s nature estate, which in the future (when conditions will permit) will become a meeting point of soulmates.

The objectives for the coming year are written in the STARS and we will keep you updated on all our activities. 


Sincere HEARFUL regards and Blessing from Slovenia.

Moldavite team

46. MINFOS 2018

We announce that will participate in traditional international days of minerals, fossils, and the environment from 12th to 13th of May 2018 in Mountain village Trzic, Slovenia. It is the oldest international exhibition show in Slovenia, bringing together numerous European researchers, geologists, collectors, spiritual people, and enthusiasts of Pure, Natural Crystal Energy. This year we will exhibit extra showcase within the Pavilion exhibition of the Slovenian Museum of Natural History and we will also present rare Irgizites found from the latest 2018 expedition in Zhamanshin crater, Kazakhstan.

Welcome to the Mysterious World of Energetic Crystals.



We inform you that we have successfully returned from an expedition in Arizona 2017. First of all, we would like to express our deep gratitude to the Zinn family and the whole Azirona Mineral and Fossil show team which made sure that we had all the resources available to carry out our work. We would also like to express gratitude to all the field researchers from the University of Arizona and Texas, who provided us with support during the show. Also, a special thanks to all the visitors that repeatedly surprised us with their HEART acts through which a very special magical energetic connections were created. Also deep gratitude to all of you who during our absence supported us through social networks and provided us with your positive HEART thoughts given to us when we needed them the most. The search for Saffordites was very difficult because there were strong winds and desert storms with low temperatures but we were still successful despite all the difficulties that we had to face. During the show, we had a privilege to intervene at the handover of the biggest Colombianite and Safffordite in the world, which have museum-grade value.

Sincere HEARTFUL Regards from

Moldavite team


We invite you to personally visit us at one of the most beautiful expos of alternative healing in Europe. This year the expo is moving to the biggest hall of the Celje showground and you can find us in a new location in the center of the hall. The expo is happening form 10th to 12th of March in Celje Slovenia. 

Warm Regards
Moldavite team

An insight from Altermed 2017. We would like to express our Gratitude to all the visitors, our Spiritual BROTHERS, and SISTERS who came to

see us and accepted Star Stones on and in their HEARTS.

Warmest Regards to All from Moldavite team



We announce that we are going on a research expedition in 700.000 years old Darwins crater in the Tasmanian rainforest from 15th to 30th of March 2017. This expedition is one of the hardest so far. Currently, there is summer in Tasmania but this is an island of South Australia where the weather is quite unstable (a lot of rainfall), mainly due to the proximity to the South Pole. The biggest problem we will have to face is 3.5 km of overgrown and difficult swampy rainforest access to the Darwins crater. Other problems are two species of poisonous black snakes, leeches, and mosquitoes. We will try to film our expedition (experimental) with a camera because until now no one managed to do it. During our absence, we will be unreachable on the Association's phone number and also we will have limited access to the internet.